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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


In the "Thriller" segment of the Michael Jackson tribute show at Legends in Concert, Disa is the zombie in the white.

When our youngest daughter Disa began classes at Dance Branson three years ago, when she was eight, it was a dream of mine that she would one day be performing on stage in a Branson show. On June 24th of this year, 2011, my dream came true. At only eleven years of age, Disa was one of the dancers for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” segment in Legends in Concert--the “world’s greatest live tribute show!” at the American Bandstand Theater. Disa, dressed as a zombie, danced in perfect sync with a stage full of other fine dancers. I was amazed how much she had progressed in these three years at Dance Branson.

Disa helping one of the Preschool Class dancers on stage at the Recital.

And last night, June 27th, we enjoyed watching Disa performing four dances at the Dance Branson Dance Recital 2011. First, though, she helped guide the Preschool Class in their stage performance. To help with her tuition, Disa is a teacher’s assistant at the school, and these little kids love her. Then, through the recital, Disa did her own dancing in marvelously choreographed performances, proving that she wasn’t a “thriller” only in the Michael Jackson tribute.

Disa as the Lilac Fairy (center) in Sleeping Beauty: The Dance of the Fairies.

But few people know the trials some of these dancing students go through. Disa’s right ear drum disintegrated from an infection years ago, and just after ear surgery, when her balance was affected, Disa began dance school in the same week. Although the ear drum was rebuilt, her hearing in that ear wasn’t restored. If you watch Disa perform, and look closely, you can see the hearing aid on her right ear. She’s practically deaf in that ear, and has hearing loss in her left one, too. But despite having trouble hearing the music, and suffering migraines, loss of balance, and stage fright, Disa has struggled on, determined to become the wonderful dancer she is becoming. She says, “I feel like a different person when I’m dancing. I feel like all the bad stuff in the world just goes away.”

Disa with proud parents, Micki and Dale, after the Dance Branson Recital 2011.

And the one writing all this is a very proud father, who has good hearing, and who has never learned to dance at all.

“I feel like a different person when I’m dancing.  I feel like all the bad stuff in the world just goes away.”

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