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Thursday, May 2, 2013


I had this poster when I was a kid and it completely fascinated me. I'd stare at it for long periods of time and imagine myself walking all over this fairy tale land and sharing in the adventures. Now after dry decades this wonderful LAND OF MAKE BELIEVE by Jaro Hess is being reprinted! It's not cheap, but I can give up a few months of my allowance to get a large print. I will have it framed this time, and will never part with it. To get your copy, go to Rosen-Ducat Photography. And please don't forget to leave a comment here to tell me of your adventures in this work of art.

In this map you'll find:

Here the North Wind lives
Bluebeard's Castle
Here lives Peter Pan
Rip Van Winkle
Do not go in here
Red Riding Hood's Grandmother's house
The Dilatory Ship that never comes in
The Castle of the Giants
The City of Many Towers where the Beautiful Princess lives
Little Boy Blue fast asleep
Here Little Miss Muffett was terribly frightened
Jack Sprat - his house
Dapple Gray Pony - she rode him through the mire
The Water Babies live here
This is the Cow that jumped over the Moon
The City of Brass
Simple Simon met the Pieman right here
Here the Old Fisherman caught the Golden Fish
High Tower where the Little Lame Prince was locked
Here is a desert
Jack the Giant Killer's house
The Pied Piper of Hamelin
The Crooked Man lives in this Crooked House
This house belongs to Grandfather Know-All
Here Old King Cole lives and the Fiddlers Three occasionally fiddle
Enchanted Woods
Here Fairies dance in moonlight
Contrary Mary's garden
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Mary and her Little Lamb
Flying Carpet
The Glass Mountain
Bottomless Lake
Here the Blackbird picked off the Maid's nose
Peter Rabbit lives in this hole
Jack and Jill went up this hill
Here are the Babes in the Wood covered with leaves
Bo-Peep's sheep
Old Mother Hubbard's place
The Black Hen who laid eggs for gentlemen
The Wonderful Moo-Moo Bird
The Emerald City of Oz
Do not walk too near the edge!
Long, Broad and Swift Glance
Little Bo-Peep is looking for her sheep
The Wanderer (originally the Wandering Jew)
Tom-Tom the Piper's Son ran this way
Here the Mermaids play
East of the Sun - West of the Moon
The Old Witch lives here
The Talking Bird
Hansel and Gretel find the Gingerbread House
Humpty-Dumpty had that great fall here
The Castle where the Sleeping Beauty sleeps
The Shoe where the Old Woman lives
Cinderella lives here
The house that Jack built
The path that leads to no place eventually
The Mysterious Island
In this place there are peculiar fishes
The Squall Fish

For the complete contents of the Butter Rum Cartoon, click here.


  1. Almost everyone has their Land of Make Believe in their minds from the childhood days. Even if the person doesn't know what it looks like, an idea of what it is exists. Now I have an idea of how it looks. Buy it and frame it, you will have it again.

  2. I ordered it before posting this. It's on its way.

  3. I too had this growing up. It was right above my bed. I did the same thing, following the paths and making up stories along the way. REALLY wish I still had the one from my childhood, but I am considering buying a new one. Can anyone tell me what size prints you got, and are you happy with the quality? Thanks for sharing!

    1. I just revisited Rosen-Ducat's site and they still sell the map (as well as other things with the image on them) but I can't find where you can choose the size (they used to offer a variety of dimensions). You might need to call them. Anyway, mine is about 20"x 30" and I like the size. The image is a bit darker and richer than our childhood one, but that's fine, and in a frame (we got a nice inexpensive frame from Walmart) it looks like a great work of art (which it is) that can be hung anywhere with pride.

    2. I rechecked the site, and yes, they still have all the choices as before. I'm changing their link above to a better one. My print is 20"x 30" and costs $75 (more than our originals cost, huh?) and I wouldn't want one smaller than that. Their largest is 24"x 36" and costs $109.76!

  4. I've been looking for this since I pored over it at my pediatrician's office when I was little (1950's). There were so many tales I'd never heard of, but that sparked my imagination! And, true to my lifelong nature, I gazed at the several caves and wondered what wonders could be inside. I didn't have to wonder long, since shortly thereafter I saw Betty Boop find out in "Minnie the Moocher", and then I really longed to go into such a place.

  5. I just wrote my sister about The Dilatory Ship That Never Comes In and sent her the picture. I have it on my desktop. This was our company for all meals at our summer place on Conomo Point in Essex, MA. We constantly played "How many xxx can you find?" Pails, spiders, caves, castles, boats oh, I can't remember!! And I wrote "I see why that ship doesn't come in! The wind is blowing it backwards, away from shore!!" That never occurred to me when I was a kid. We had an angry mother and frequently the younger sister to whom I was writing tonight, would spill her milk. Over and over and over. My new husband thought that was pretty funny.
    I'm 73, born in 1941. Still going strong!!
    Judy Howard Shea