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Monday, June 23, 2008


Here's a game I made up when I was in junior high, and many have had a lot of fun with it ever since. I'm sure it's not original, but before then none of us had ever heard of it. I eventually named it "Wait Until Dark," after the movie. In junior high we used the band room, a basement classroom completely dark when the lights were turned off, but most any room will do if all light sources can be shut out.
It's best played with several people. One person is designated "it," and stands by the light switch. The rest of the people spread out around the room, usually studying the room's layout. Then the person who's "it" turns off the light and counts slowly to ten, while everyone else tries to be perfectly quiet. Then the person who's "it" begins moving about the room trying to touch someone. The others, trying to avoid him/her, are free to be still or move at will. When someone is touched, that person must remain in place until his or her identity is figured out; and then the two of them are "it" and go in search of the others. The game continues until eventually there's a room full of arms and hands reaching out to find the one terrified person who's left.
The first one found in the game is the person who's "it" in the next round. And the last one to be found is considered the winner.
Objects in the room, such as tables and chairs, tend to make it more interesting, more of a challenge, as do closets. And there are often funny things that happen that make it awfully hard to be quiet. For instance, once when I sensed the person who's "it" getting very close, I thought I'd try to throw him off by tossing a coin across the room. But when I underhandedly tossed the coin, I accidentally hit someone in the groin.
If you have a dark room and a group of friends, give "Wait Until Dark" a try. In this game, the "winner" suffers the worst willies.

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  1. Since you did this in Junior High School, this game can easily be used as an excuse to kiss a few girls in the dark and even touch a few things. That was a neat game!