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Saturday, July 18, 2009


Before getting married, when I lived alone in an apartment, there was a knock on the door. I opened it and there stood a man not much older than I, whom I didn't recognize. But obviously he recognized me, for he said with enthusiasm, "Hi, Dale!" and as he walked right in, added, "It's been a long time!" We shook hands like old friends, and I was beating my brain trying to figure out who this guy was. He plopped down on my couch, as though he was sure I wanted him to, and I sat down in a chair opposite him, trying to act as if I was seeing an old friend, but still not knowing who he was. He began visiting with me, and I was about to come right out and ask him who he was, when he grinned and said, "Paul's outside."

He turned out to be Bob, a guy who worked for my brother Paul. And Paul is a genius when it comes to practical jokes. He sent Bob in to act like my old friend and totally confuse me. I went to the door and let my mischievous brother in, too, and the three of us had a good laugh.

Well that was a great practical joke, but I thought of one better. What if the joke was on Bob? What if Paul had taken Bob to the apartment of a stranger, telling him his brother lived there, and told him to do just what he did? And when Bob finally watched enough confusion and grinned and said, "Paul's outside," what would he do when the person asked, "Who's Paul?" and Paul would be nowhere to be found?

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  1. I was a draftee stationed at Camp Ames with the 110th M.P. Company all of '73 and the first half of '74. I was a Tower Jockey, and I was just a hundred yards away in the guardhouse when that building blew up in '73. In fact, I've incorporated much of my time as a TJ into my latest science fiction novel. You'll find familiar references like "going to the vill, TJs, the ghost of Bravo tower, happy smoke, turtles." If you're interested, the book is titled "Evergreen" and my name is Bruce Golden, if anyone remembers that. Any search of the internet using my name and Evergreen will lead you to places where you can find the book, or go to my website.

  2. Thanks, Bruce! I am interested in your book and will google it. One of my best friends at Camp Ames was Dan Foley, an MP in the 110th. That was 1969 though. I didn't know about any building blowing up in '73. Strange place, that Camp Ames, and Chang Dong Ni is even stranger.