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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Interspersed throughout the improved brochure of the original American Tarantula Society, published in 1979, were these quotations from our members:

“I just wanted to tell you that my daughter has two pet tarantulas, and sees nothing vicious or menacing about them at all. She enjoys them very much.”
E. Jack Walton
Houston, Texas

“They are dear, beautiful and very interesting animals. I can watch them for hours and they often walk over my study desk when I am busy with my lessons for secondary modern school.”
Hendrick Tingen
Hoogezand, Holland

“Whoever thought having tarantulas would be a joy?! All our friends think we’re crazy, except one, a biologist.”
Dann T. Juse
Pinellas Park, Florida

“I believe the tarantula is one of the most beautiful and gentle creatures God ever created.”
John Williams
New Orleans, Louisiana

“Most of my friends think I have flipped my wig for loving this furry thing--but we know better, don’t we?”
Virginia Sessor
Palmetto, Florida

“If anyone had ever told me that I’d come to love a tarantula, let alone own one, I would have thought them crazy.”
Joyce Donahue
Warren, New Jersey

“I received my pet as a joke after having major surgery. I was told I didn’t have to keep it but being laid up I became more and more fascinated by it.”
Robert S. Stoll
Hawthorne, New Jersey

“I have a tarantula because it is exotic; that is, it can transform an ordinary moment into something different and unique. She does what is unexpected by my standards. She is the Tahiti of animals. She is a beautiful cactus.”
Lew Holzman
New York, New York

“Certainly your efforts will help to straighten out the gross misunderstanding about certain spiders--the ‘dreaded’ tarantula, and indeed contribute to the expansion of education for those few people who are willing to try to learn and develop.”
Dr. Gary Buhr, N.D.
Bellingham, Washington

“I am proud to spread the word and even give good friends the chance to become members of the ATS because I believe in tarantulas as a healthy and ever expanding way of thinking. Thank you for this membership. I can honestly say I’ll be a member for life.”
Michael Schiller
Chicago, Illinois

“Your book and newsletter are quite impressive and I’ll personally make a pitch for the ATS to our Potpourri editor.”
Bill Helmer, Senior Editor
Playboy Magazine

“Thank you for accepting our family into the Society! The newsletter was enjoyed tremendously…We wear our badges proudly and I am trying to take the word ‘fear’ away from the slightest mention of our pet tarantula…If we can help spread the word about our neat pets just let me know.”
Mrs. Carter Fisher
Rio Vista, California

“Keep up the good work for those of us who believe so totally in your efforts.”
Paul George Sittenfeld
Cincinnati, Ohio

“I was shocked to hear other people were as strange as me.”
Tim A. Crist, D.D.S.
Houston, Texas

“I figured we are a rare breed to enjoy the beauty of these little creatures.”
Patricia Valestin
Maplewood, New Jersey

“Thank you for all your help and interest you have instilled in my ten year old son. Shawn feels he is helping you and the tarantula lovers all over the world in his own small way every time he speaks. Thank you for your fine newsletter.”
Pat Patterson
Windsor, Ontario

“Today I received my membership packet along with a current newsletter. I would like to say that the content of the newsletter was informative, interesting and just downright enjoyable reading…I am proud to be a member of the ATS.”
Robert A. Young
Pensacola, Florida

“The students enjoyed my reading the newsletter to them…Congratulations on the fine work you are doing.”
William J. Hudson
Chicago, Illinois

“I just finished reading my first newsletter and was very surprised. I hadn’t realized there were so many spider lovers out there…I am proud to be one of the select few--the tarantula owners of America.”
R.W. Colvin
Washington, D.C.

“I was very impressed with the newsletter, and quite thrilled to become a member of the club that I’ve dreamed about for years.”
Bart Bruno
Stratford, Connecticut

“I never realized how much enjoyment you can get from a spider.”
Pat Weaver
Pompano Beach, Florida

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