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Monday, January 17, 2011


Our children have kept us laughing from the first. Here are some tidbits from our oldest son, Leif, when he was four.

The neighbor gave Leif a Harley-Davidson denim jacket, complete with emblem on back. While wearing it that night, Leif accidentally spilled milk on himself that he was drinking, and said, “That’s all right, Mom; motorcycle men do that.”

Leif put on his coat with a pointed hood, and said, “I’m Superpoint.”

Leif returned with Micki from day care, where she worked, and I asked, “Did you have fun at school?” He answered, “Yep.” I asked, “What did you do?” He shrugged and said, “Just fighting with kids with hammers.”

I was upset because the bank charges four dollars just to cash a check. I said to Leif, “It’s getting pretty bad when banks have to rob money from people!” He responded, “Yeah! That’s bank robbery!”

“That Jesus is quite a fellow,” said Leif, “I think I’ll follow Him.” When Micki responded, “Isn’t that neat that He comes to live inside of us?” Leif answered, “Yeah, and He’s got a lot of furniture in there.”

I was using the bathroom. Meanwhile Leif and Micki both had to go, too. Micki said, “Everybody has got to go.” And Leif said, “But Daddy’s butt is bigger, right?”

“When the stomach is empty and the mind is full,” said Leif, “it’s really hard to sleep.”

I had slept in late. When I got up I found a note from Micki. She had been cleaning house at the neighbor’s for some time, and so Leif had been on his own. I helped him in getting a puzzle down out of the closet. Then I had to go to the bathroom. Meanwhile, he did the puzzle and put it away. While still sitting on the toilet, I heard Leif call from the other room, “You’re a good babysitter, Dad!”

“I’m not feeling well,” said Leif, “I need a folk tale.”

“God has made us His models,” said Leif, “We are model people.”

While we were eating clam chowder, Leif said to me, “When you eat those rubber things, they’re called ‘clams.’”

Micki was worried about Leif’s behavior if she were to take him to a movie. She said, “If you come, I don’t want to have any tantrums.” Leif responded, “If you have one, I’ll quiet you down.”

Leif had dressed up like Peter Pan. He ran up to me and said, “I’m from No-Wonder Land.”

Dale: “Well, Peter, what’s new?”
Leif: “I’m not Peter.”
Dale: “You said you were Peter Pan.”
Leif: “Yeah, I’m Peter Pan.”
Dale: “Well, they called him Peter, too.”
Leif: “Well you call me Peter Pan.”
Leif to Micki: “You can call me Peter, but…”
Leif to Dale: “…you call me Peter Pan.”
Dale: “Wise guy.”
Leif: “You mean wise Peter Pan.”

Leif and I were driving on Camano Island in the dark. Suddenly a big brown bird flew across the road in front of the car, almost getting hit. Leif said, “I just saw a duck.”
“Yeah, me too,” I said, “Glad it was going so fast or I would have hit it.”
“It gave hand signals,” Leif said.

Dale: “I heard a psychologist last night say that cartoons are too exciting for children. What do you think of that?”
Leif: “I think that it was mean of him to say that.”

Leif stepped on my foot. I said, “Don’t. These are my new shoes.”
Leif said, “Well, now they’re your old shoes.”

During an argument with Micki, I picked up Leif and suggested to him that he shouldn’t get married when he grows up. He said, “But I want to.” I asked him why and he said, “Because I want to be like you.”

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