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Thursday, July 14, 2011


If anyone responded to this ad in the Seattle “Helix” in mid-1969, please let me know. Most of those who wrote to me are listed below:

Dave Masterjohn and his wife Jan answered this ad and
corresponded with me with several long letters and even
gifts. Later I spent a week with them and took this picture.
Adra Valentine - Seattle WA
Ann Katherine Weed - Fremont CA
Becky Ridley - Woodinville WA
Billie Jo Foster - Olympia WA
Bob Grinstein - Thomas City WA
Candi Eustace - Seattle WA
Cindy - Everett WA
Cindy Wilson - Seattle WA
Dana Rea - Medina WA
Dave Masterjohn - Kent WA
Debbie Johnston - Bellevue WA
Debbie Wyckoff - Everett WA
Debie Sherman - Mount Vernon WA
Diane Strand - Seattle WA
Dianne - Seattle WA
Dorrit Jensen - Seattle WA
Dyanna Laing - Seattle WA
Gail Smith - Seattle WA
GeGe Reukauf - Seattle WA
George Moore - Seattle WA
Jan Fox - Tacoma WA
Jan Masterjohn - Kent WA
Jan Shroy - Seattle WA
Janet Heineck - Seattle WA
Janet Holman - Spokane WA
Jay Hershey - Olympia WA
Jennifer Lynne Alexander - Seattle WA
Jinny Byham - Seattle WA
Joey Elizabeth - Seattle WA
Kas Snodgrass - Tacoma WA
Kathy Lantz - Seattle WA
Kathy Owen - Bellevue WA
Kathy Rowe - Renton WA
Kenny - Seattle WA
Laura Crocker - Seattle WA
Laurie Hurja - Bellevue WA
Linda - Boise ID
Linda Dordness - Mountlake Terrace WA
Linda Dukes - Seattle WA
Linda Schneider - Seattle WA
Lonny - Seattle WA
Lorie Phelps - Tekoa WA
Lorna Woodward - Seattle WA
Lynn Adams - Kent WA
Margaret Goring - Seattle WA
Margaret Parkinson - Seattle WA
Marilyn Simmons - Boise ID
Mary Archey - Everett WA
Mary Holmaren - Seattle WA
Melissa Queen - Bellingham WA
Mona - Olympia WA
Nancy - Seattle WA
Patricia Murphy - Poulsbo WA
Patty Sprinker - Tacoma WA
Ray Kelleher -Mercer Island WA
Rex Kennedy - Edina MN
Richard Minor - Spokane WA
Robert Burrell - Olympia WA
Roberta Young - Monroe WA
Ronnie Boyer - Kent WA
Shar Carter - Auburn WA
Shelle Lyons - Mercer Island WA
Shirley Prather - British Columbia
Steve - Seattle WA
Steven Doyle - Bellevue WA
Sue Howard - Seattle WA
Sunshine - Walla Walla WA
Tim Madison - Marysville WA
Tom Whiting - Fort Lewis WA
Trinidad Foster - Olympia WA
Vernon Jackson - Seattle WA
Veronica Tomaszewski - Seattle WA

Many others also wrote to me. During the loneliest time of my life, soon after my girlfriend Penny died and while still in the Army overseas, more than a hundred people helped to cheer me up.  And not only did they write, several more than once, but I later got to meet some of them in person.  I was invited to join four communes, five girls wanted to ride with me in a motorcycle club I was thinking of starting called Gross Inc., and I felt happily overwhelmed by friendship.

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