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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Her name was Merriann Farrell, but I didn't know it. She had begun attending Burlington-Edison High School that year, 1964, as a junior. I was a sophomore. I was in love.

She was a different kind of cute, kind of tomboyish, but very girlish, dark tanned, vivacious, and popular with several junior-class boys. There was no way she would go for me. Not only was I a year younger, but I looked young for my age, was shorter, and wasn't popular.

I saw Merriann only in the hallways between classes, and always surrounded by at least two guys. When I'd pass by, she'd look right through me. It was so frustrating! Here I loved her, and she didn't know I existed, nor did she care. Of course I didn't know her name, but so what? That could come later. I was determined at least to have her know I existed, so one day, at a rare moment when there were no guys between us in the hall, I walked up to her and asked, "Will you marry me?"

Whoa. Merriann suddenly saw me, then stared at me, then smiled at me. It wasn't a friendly smile. She walked up to me, even backing me against the wall, and with her face not six inches from mine, she scoffed, "What did you say?"

"Will you marry me?" I repeated. I don't remember what she said, but she laughed loudly and ridiculed me. At least three of her boyfriend wanna-be's stepped up beside her to determine whether or not they should pound me, but decided that threats and derision would suffice. Merriann continued to chew me out for some time, face (closely) to face, and I stood there, pressed against the wall, and enjoyed every minute of it.

There was no way we could get together in love, but I succeeded in getting us very close together emotionally. From inches away I could finally explore her wonderful face as her bright, fiery eyes stared into my delighted ones. She and her entourage eventually left me after my proposal, but I had gotten closer to Merriann Farrell than any other sophomore in the school, and after that, every time I passed, she noticed me in the hall.

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