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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Copy and paste this puzzle and its questions in your word processor (or print directly) and have fun. If needed, lots of the answers can be found by using the blog's search bar. When you're finished, all the answers can be found HERE. Good luck.


1.   Where Dale found his first Charles Addams book.
3.   The Merry Martian.
7.   Carol Kleyn's instrument of choice.
10.   What each guest of the Flying Horseshoe Ranch gets for a week.
14.   What was seen over Sultan, Washington.
15.   _____ and feather.
16.   What you use to print this puzzle.
17.   Title of a preacher (abbr.).
18.   Queen of Hearts.
21.   Parent's sister.
23.   Location of Mighty Mouse's headquarters.
24.   The Eternal Word Television Network's state (abbr.).
25.   Old English (abbr.).
27.   The act of resting.
29.   "Either/___" by Kierkegaard.
30.   What yodeled in the barber shop.
31.   Where was Geraldine scared.
32.   Sasquatch; bigfoot.
34.   Motorcycle made by Jawa.
36.   Vow said during the sacrament of holy matrimony:  "I  __."
37.   The man thought he was buying marijuana, but Dale sold him this.
38.   "___ there!"
39.   What animal Dale interviewed the zoo keeper about.
43.   Where the piece of tile came from.
49.   Old Testament (abbr.).
51.   This puzzle is ______ of fun.
52.   Equal Rights Amendment (abbr.).
53.   What not to tell a doctor during surgery.
55.   Kansas (abbr.).
57.   Captain who is a friend of the world.
60.   Western Washington State is perhaps the ________ part of the U.S.
63.   "I'm sorry, sir, the master is _____ ___ home" (2 words).
65.   A mineral that contains metal that is valuable enough to be mined.
67.   "____ Lincoln saved your life."
69.   Roman Catholic (abbr.).
70.   "I'm going to ____ you!"
72.   The ancient city where Abraham came from.
73.   Seattle University (abbr.).
74.   This animal can eat 500 to 1000 mosquitoes in one hour.
75.   Division of an animal's body that lies between the head and the abdomen.
77.   Regional Transit System (abbr.).
79.   Down-to-earth alien on TV.
80.   How none of Dale and Micki's children were born.
82.   What the school bus driver fiddled with.
84.   What kids and Dale play with.
86.   ___tation: breastfeeding.
87.   Mountain (abbr.).
88.   An embarrassment of teens.
89.   Dale placed an ad in this underground newspaper.
92.   http://oldelephantwings.blogspot.com is the Butter Rum Cartoon's ____ address.
94.   Black-and-white short-necked web-footed diving bird of northern seas.
96.   Knockout (abbr.).
97.   Type of lenses Dale used to need before graduating to tri.
99.   Laugh out loud (abbr.).
100.   Where the boa constrictor sat when it struck at Dale.
102.   What saved the hens from the dog.
104.   On March 23, 2012, over 63,000 Americans attended the nationwide Stand Up For Religious Freedom ________.
105.   Dale guided the building of homes in a nudist camp for these creatures.
106.   A pen for swine.
107.   Appalachian State University (abbr.).


1.   Cecil's buddy.
2.   The rodent the rodent raiser raised.
3.   What Curt the Hermit took in trade.
4.   _____, look, and listen.
5.   Who was sitting in the rocking chair in the campfire story.
6.   Oregon (abbr.).
7.   SW Missouri compared to Kansas.
8.   Indefinite article.
9.   _ _ _ Radio Pictures Inc., one of the Big Five studios of Hollywood's Golden Age.
10.   Plant with medicinal properties.
11.   Not under.
12.   What little Glory had in her clothing for two hours.
13.   Some may think this crossword puzzle is ______.
19.   Regular Army (abbr.).
20.   Initials of the creator of the Butter Rum Cartoon.
22.   Short letter.
24.   Alaska (abbr.).
26.   Marriage on the run.
28.   Ma's mate.
33.   Extraterrestrial (abbr.).
35.   Where Dale played with Bobo.
40.   "____ and you shall receive."
41.   State where the Butter Rum Cartoon is published (abbr.).
42.   Lieutenant (abbr.).
44.   Organization (abbr.).
45.   Best month for a Scott sled (abbr.).
46.   What you do with a DVD after watching it.
47.   "I Like ___."  Famous button of the Fifties.
48.   Magazine that published several of Dale's stories.
50.   What was on Ivy Reed's shoulder.
54.   What the punishment was for having nude pictures in the locker.
55.   Location of Happy Mountain.
56.   Saint (abbr.).
58.   A unit of play in tennis.
59.   Mata ____.
61.   Make a mistake.
62.   Oklahoma city that Dale hasn't hitchhiked through.
63.   Type of weapons that Dale maintained in the Army.
64.   American Sunbathing Association (abbr.).
65.   The worst president in U.S. history.
66.   What you call a boomerang that doesn't work.
67.   What's under an outhouse.
68.   What the tarantula fought in the bathtub.
71.   The sixth letter of the alphabet.
76.   What many receive after high achievement.
78.   One thing searched for by the Untouchables.
81.   A long oar used at the stern of a boat and moved from side to side to propel the boat forward.
82.   Veterans Administration (abbr.).
83.   What Dale wore when he sneaked into a nudist camp.
85.   What kind of cart the purchase of a quilt warranted a ride in.
90.   A very light brown.
91.   State hosting the World's Fair that Dale hitchhiked to (abbr.).
93.   Revolution of Love (abbr.).
95.   Ignatz loves to throw bricks at Krazy ____.
97.   What Dale was when he followed marching bands on his bicycle.
98.   Free the Army (abbr.).
101.   Postscript (abbr.).
103.   Old Testament (abbr.).

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