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Monday, June 24, 2013


While stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, I rented a one-room house in Bonnie Doone, between Fort Bragg and Fayetteville. I shared the rent and the house with three other G.I.'s, but it soon became a commune with up to twenty-five people living with us, many of them hippies we met at Rowan Park.

One night I went out for a walk, and while passing the front of the Fox Drive-In Theatre, I noticed three guys coming out of the theatre through a large hole in the high fence. Hey, cool, I thought, I can step in and watch a movie! But just after I stepped in, I realized why the three fellows had stepped out. Not twenty feet in front of me, a man approached and yelled, "Hey you! Stop right there!"

I had watched movies at this theatre before, by climbing a tree at the back of the facility and watching over the fence. I couldn't hear it, but could see it, and it was a pleasant pastime. Often others sat up in an adjacent tree. But this time I was inside, and I was in trouble.

The man took me by the arm and we began the depressing walk toward the office. I was very polite and contrite, and soon he released his grip and had me just walk beside him. Already making plans in my head, I made sure to be on his left side. When we were about to turn right to go to the office, I asked, "Is this serious?"

"It's trespassing!" he said. And as he turned right, I ran left. I was at least ten yards away from him before he realized I was running. He gave a yell and took off after me. This guy was indeed serious.

Having been to the back of the theatre before, I remember seeing a large drain pipe going under the fence, and while running full-speed I watched for this pipe. By the time I dropped down and scrambled through it, the man had probably stopped chasing me, but I never took the time to look.

Once out, I thought all was well, but glancing down Mullis Street I spotted a man in the middle of the street obviously tense and looking for someone. By the time I managed to get safely back to my place, I was thankful for all those chess games I had played growing up.

Nowadays the Fox Drive-In Theatre is closed and overgrown with trees, so I figure I can finally confess without getting into serious trouble.

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  1. Once again I am glad to know about what you did after you left Camp Ames Korea. It seems that you just had to do it, have another adventure and sneak in, even if you did have the money for the movie. Good story and a funny one also.