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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


The glossary of terms in the games of marbles is extensive and interesting, as are the games. I wish marbles would become popular again. (My wife tells me that when she was in high school, its administration banned playing marbles on school grounds because it was considered gambling. Go figure.) But while you and I do our best to bring playing marbles back, we can have fun also popularizing some new slang terms based on the marbles glossary. Learn to use these terms in every day speech, and have fun.


aggie - a large, husky person.
bomber - someone who trails behind another.
bombsie - an awkward person.
boss - a leader.
bowling - making do with what skill one has.
bumboozer - an oaf.
clayey - possession of little value.
clearance - cleaning up a mess.
clearey - person with no secrets.
clodknocker - blue-collar worker.
crockie - low-class.
cunny thumb - sissy.
dib - possession of little value.
dubs - achieving more than is required.
duck - victim.
edger - bystander.
eggie - to borrow.
eye drop - a lucky shot.
fens - "wait, let me think."
flint - a large, husky person.
for fair - gentlemen's bet with nothing wagered.
fudging - cheating.
globolla - a big, clumsy person.
heist - giving support.
histing - cheating.
hit - success.
hole - destination.
hoodle - victim.
hunching - cheating.
immie - game.
knucke down - do it right.
lag line - boundary.
lofting - shooting over something.
marker - goal.
monnie - tool to get something done.
moonaggie - a sensitive person.
peerie - a person with no secrets.
peewee - a small person.
plumper - someone who trails behind another.
pot - destination.
purey - something of high value.
realie - an honest person.
rollsies - "do it right."
roundsters - examining a problem.
scrapper - something appearing more valuable than it is.
scrumpy knuckle - sissy.
shooter - an ambitious person.
smoothing - trying to make it easy for oneself.
slip - mistake.
snooger - a near miss.
spannies - a shooting distance.
steeley - a strong leader.
stick - opportunity to try again.
sugar - get a better hold.
taw - an ambitious person.
toe-bombsie - using skill.

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