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Monday, April 6, 2015


Does the above picture look right to you? It does to most people, especially if the figures on the screen are moving. This is one of the many reasons I don't have TV service. Other reasons include commercials, content, dumbing down, addiction, flashy lights, noise, etc. I just got back from spending two nights in a hotel, and every time I do stay in a hotel and try to occupy time by watching TV, I'm all the more convinced to be satisfied with my vast DVD collection rather than subscribing to channels.

Newhart is my favorite TV show, but I would not be able to watch the show pictured above. It would drive me crazy. 

It all started when I visited my sister, who has a very nice flat-screen TV. Everyone on the screen was short and fat, out of proportion, with heads almost as wide or wider than they were tall. I asked my sister if the proportions could be adjusted, and she wondered why. She couldn't tell that there was anything wrong with the picture! I tried then to convince her but she just couldn't see it. It was scary, and it continues to be even scarier now that I realize that apparently most people see a distorted, squat picture as perfectly correct. Even in hospitals and waiting rooms and other facilities, I notice that the TV images are often short and fat and have wondered why they don't adjust it. At the hotel this past weekend my own family couldn't tell the difference, while I was able to watch only the correctly proportioned shows (annoying content and commercials notwithstanding). In switching channels I now realize that many channels are in correct proportion while most are not, so it's not the fault of the TV set.

So I've come to the conclusion that not only has television come to warp its viewers' minds but their vision as well. I would like to meet others who remember that human heads are taller than they are wide and know that Megyn Kelly isn't fat. Please comment below if you do, and ease my mind.

As for the picture above, the one on the right below is how it should be.

If you still can't see a difference, measure and compare the width of their bodies and trust the ruler.

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