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Monday, July 20, 2015


Regular readers of the Butter Rum Cartoon know Gina Newlon from her conversion story, One Truth. Before we even met Gina in person, my family and I went to the Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally in Jefferson City in June of 2012, and by coincidence, in a video of Gina giving her speech, my wife Micki sat only yards behind her.

Still never meeting in person, Gina afterwards became our Facebook friend. Gina's sister Carissa also became our Facebook friend. And when Micki and our daughter Disa and I went up to Jefferson City in January of 2014 we joined Gina and Carissa in the March for Life, finally meeting them in person and afterwards having one of my favorite visits ever while we ate in the Everest Cafe.

Our friendship has grown to a very close one, certainly a success story of Facebook, and since then both Gina and Carissa's husands, Ryan and Lee respectively, have become our friends on the social network as well. 

Ryan is a Chief Warrant Officer 2 in the Missouri National Guard and has been serving in Kosovo for the past year, away from his wife and three children who have missed him terribly. Well, last Saturday, while their kids thought Gina was attending a homeschooling conference, she actually went to meet Ryan as he returned from his deployment, as shown in the first picture above. 

Their kids knew nothing about their daddy being back when, the next day, Gina took them to the St. Stanislaus Parish picnic, where a magician was to perform. I've watched the video linked below only twice so far, and both times my sleeves got wet.

Here are some pictures of that special day:

And to see it on KRCG 13 News, click below:

This beautiful family makes me very happy. Welcome home, Ryan!

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