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Friday, November 15, 2019


There are only two sentences in this post. The first sentence contains 11,714 words. The second sentence contains 4.

If you don't read the Bible, you won't know about the creation of the world, creation of man, sanctification of the Sabbath Day, creation of the woman, fall of our first parents, banishment from Paradise, history of Cain and Abel, genealogy from Adam to Noe, God decrees the Deluge, construction of the Ark, the Deluge, the end of the Deluge, the covenant of God with Noe, blessings and maledictions, the genealogy of the children of Noe, the Tower of Babel, genealogy of Sem to Abram, the call of Abram, Abram in Egypt, Abram and Lot part from each other, God's promise to Abram, the invasion of the four kings, victory of Abram, blessing of Melchisedech, God's covenant with Abram, Agar and Ismael, covenant of circumcision, the circumcision, three angels foretell birth of Isaac, Abraham intercedes for Sodom, the corruption of Sodom, destruction of Sodom and Gomorrha, the sin of Lot's children, Abraham and Sara at Gerara, birth of Isaac, pact between Abraham and Abimelech, the sacrifice of Isaac, preparations for the sacrifice, death and burial of Sara, marriage of Isaac and Rebecca, Isaac meets Rebecca, the servant's message, approval of Laban and Bathuel, last days of Abraham, birth of Esau and Jacob, Isaac in Gerara, Isaac prospers in Gerara, Isaac in Bersabee, Isaac blesses Jacob, return of Esau, Jacob sent to Mesopotamia, Jacob's journey to Mesopotamia, Jacob in Laban's house, Jacob marries Lia and Rachel, the children of Jacob, eight children born to Jacob, Jacob's prosperity, Jacob's flight to Chanaan, Laban and Jacob make a covenant, Jacob's vision, Jacob wrestles with an angel, Jacob and Esau meet, Dina is ravished by Sichem, Jacob erects an altar, Jacob receives the name of Israel, death of Rachel and Isaac, Esau and the Edomites, dreams of Joseph, Joseph sold into bondage, the family of Juda, Juda and Thamar, Joseph is imprisoned, the chastity of Joseph, the dreams of Pharao's servants, the dreams of Pharao, seven years of plenty and famine, Joseph ruler of Egypt, Manasses and Ephraim, sons of Jacob in Egypt, the return to Jacob, sons of Jacob again in Egypt, Joseph greatly moved, Joseph strives to stop his brethren, Joseph makes himself known, departure from Egypt, Israel in Egypt, the children of Israel, Jacob and his sons before Pharao, last days of Jacob, Jacob blesses the sons of Joseph, Jacob's prophetical blessing of his sons, death of Jacob, Jacob's burial, last days of Joseph, Pharao oppresses the Israelites, birth of Moses, the heavenly vision of Moses, God reveals His Name, Moses confirms mission with miracles, Moses returns to Egypt, Moses and Aaron before Pharao, God renews promises to Moses, genealogy of Moses and Aaron, new mission of Moses, first plague: waters of Egypt turned to blood, second plague: frogs, third plague: mosquitoes, fourth plague: flies, fifth plague: disease, sixth plague: ulcers, seventh plague: boils in men and animals, eighth plague: locusts, ninth plague: darkness, tenth plague: death of firstborn, the Paschal lamb, the unleavened bread, the firstborn of Egypt slain, sacrificial offering of firstborn, along the Red Sea, passage through the Red Sea, the Lord admonishes Moses, canticle of Moses, the waters of Mara, the threatened famine, the Lord sends quail and manna, the vigil of the Sabbath, water out of a rock, victory over Amalec, Jethro visits Moses: his counsel, Moses judges the people, the encampment at Sinai, signs of the Divine Presence, the Ten Commandments, laws relating to justice, quarrels among men, laws relating to property, ceremonial and moral laws, blessings assured, Moses and the Ancients at Sinai, Moses ascends Mount Sinai, the Ark of the Covenant, the golden propitiatory, the golden candlestick, the form of the Tabernacle, the construction of the Tabernacle, the Altar of Holocausts, ceremonial vestments for Aaron, the Pectoral and its attachments, the tunic of the Ephod, consecration of priests, the ram to be sacrificed, a perpetual holocaust, the Altar of Incense, the Holy Oil of Unction, the builders of the Tabernacle, laws of the Sabbath renewed, the idolaters are punished, Moses returns from the Mount, God pardons His people and speaks to Moses, Tabernacle placed outside the camp, God renews His covenant with Moses, idolatry is forbidden, the horned face of Moses, offerings for the Tabernacle, builders and workmen of the Tabernacle, construction of the Tabernacle, the curtains of the Tabernacle, the adornments of the Tabernacle, adornments for altar and court, value of offerings, the vestments of Aaron and his sons, Moses approves the work, Moses erects the Tabernacle, Aaron and his sons consecrated, laws relating to holocausts, offerings of flour and firstfruits, peace offerings, offerings of atonement, sacrifices for the people, sacrificial offerings for sin, offerings for reparation, sacrifices for sins of injustice, duties of a priest, sacrifice for sin, other laws for sacrifices, laws for peace offerings, consecration of Aaron and his sons, offering of a second ram, sacrifices of Aaron and his sons, the punishment of Nadab and Abiu, duties of priests, clean and unclean animals, reptiles are unclean, purification after childbirth, laws concerning leprosy, leprosy from an ulcer, leprosy and baldness, cleansing of leprosy, the case of the poor, leprosy in houses, the unclean man or woman, chronic hemorrhages, annual feasts of expiation, additional rites, laws concerning the slaying of animals, blood is for atonement, laws concerning matrimonial purity, sanctity of marriage, religious ceremonial and moral laws, various penal laws, other forms of incest, laws for priests, laws for offerings and sacrifices, peace offerings, holy days of obligation, the day of atonement, the oil and loaves of proposition, death for a blasphemer, punishment for homicide, the Sabbath Year and Jubilee Year, the sale of houses, the worship of the true God, punishment for prevaricators, conversion and pardon, vows offerings and tithes, the firstborn among animals, census of twelve tribes of Israel, Levites numbered apart, the order of the tribes, Ephraim Manasses and Benjamin, census of Levites and their ministry, special role of Gersonites, numbering the firstborn, offices and duties of Levites, the High Priest, banishment of the unclean, laws of restitution, institution and consecration of Nazarites, the laws of consecration, the dedication of the Tabernacle, the first to the sixth day, the sixth to the twelfth day, recapitulation, the golden candlestick, consecration of the Levites, limitation of age, celebration of the Pasch, the time of the Phase, the pillar of the cloud, the trumpets of beaten silver, departure from desert of Sinai, complaint and punishment of Israel, promise of reinforcements and food, the quails, Mary and Aaron speak against Moses, the exploration of the land of Chanaan, the itinerary, the revolt of the Israelites, severe punishment, laws concerning sacrifices, sins of ignorance and presumption, sedition of Core Dathan and Abiron, refusal of Dathan and Abiron, punishment for the rebellion, the blooming rod of Aaron, duties and rights of the Levites, land forbidden to Aaron, the red cow and the water of expiation, the water of contradiction, the opposition of the Edomites, death of Aaron, victory over King Arad, other victories, Balaam sent to curse Israel, a new message accepted, Balaam and Balac, Balaam blesses Israel, second oracle, the prophecies of Balaam, complimentary oracles, idolatrous women seduce Israel, census of the children of Israel, partition of the land, law of inheritance, vocation of Josue, periodic sacrifices, sacrifices for the Sabbath, sacrifices for weekdays, Feast of the Seventh Month, sacrifices for the Feast of Tabernacles, vows oaths and their obligation, marriage vows, the extermination of the Madianites, destruction of male and female infants, division of spoils, three favored tribes, Moses accepts their promise, the journeys of the Israelites, journey from Sinai to Cades, journey from Cades to Mt. Hor, the limits of Chanaan, the names of the chiefs, cities of the Levites, cities of refuge, laws for the cities of refuge, intermarriage between the tribes, the journeys of the Israelites, the appointment of judges, journey to Cades, the anger of God against Moses, Cadesbarne and the land of Sehon, the victory over Sehon, the division of the lands, the order to aid the Israelites, exhortation against idolatry, guard against idolatry, the grandeur of divine bounty, cities of refuge, Moses repeats the Ten Commandments, the terror of the Israelites, obedience and love of God, warning against forgetfulness, Chanaanites and their idols, many blessings to come, God's assistance remembered, the Promised Land, only the power of God sustains Israel, the golden calf, the prayer of Moses, new exhortations and counsels, an exhortation to obedience, promised blessings, blessings of the Promised Land, a blessing and a curse, the one and only sanctuary, animals for food, the rites of the Gentiles, false prophets and idolatrous cities, a city given up to idolatry, clean and unclean animals, the yearly tithes, law of remission and indulgence, charity towards neighbors, the firstlings of the herds, three principal feasts, the Festival of Weeks, administration of justice, punishment for idolatry, prudence in judges, the future king, rights of priests and Levites, against superstition, promise of a Messias, false prophets, cities of refuge, sins against justice, laws concerning war, treatment of the vanquished, laws concerning secret murder, women taken in war, rebellious sons, charity towards our neighbor, various precepts, adultery and rape, exclusion from the Church, humanitarianism, laws concerning divorce, laws of equity and charity, justice and charity, administration of justice, the immodest woman, concerning firstfruits and tithes, third year of tithes, future proclamation of the laws, blessings and maledictions, blessings to observers of commandments, curses on transgressors, transgressors to be cursed, the terrors of war, final destruction, the covenant is confirmed, false gods, redemption of the penitent, life and death, Josue the successor of Moses, last acts of Moses, the canticle of Moses, divine vengeance and anger, vanity of false gods, Moses views the Promised Land, Moses blesses the tribes of Israel, the greatness of God, Moses views the land, death of Moses, the Lord speaks to Josue, preparation for the conquest, unbounded faith in Josue, the exploration of Jericho, Rahab's pact with the two spies, the scarlet cord, the spies return, crossing the Jordan, the presence of the Lord, the crossing, twelve stones for a monument, the glory of Josue, circumcision of the people, the manna ceases, the fall of Jericho, Josue gives the order, the walls fall, the sin of Achan, punishment of Achan, the city of Hai is besieged and taken, Israelites feign retreat, a great number killed, confirmation of the covenant, the deception of the Gabaonites, the plot is discovered, the plot of the five kings, the miracle of Josue, conquest of southern part of Chanaan, conquest of northern part of Chanaan, resumé of conquests, last of kings slain by Moses and Josue, the Lord commands the division of the conquered land, the division of the land, the possession of Ruben, the possession of Gad, the portion of Caleb, Caleb recalls promise of Moses, the portion of Juda, Caleb wins his inheritance, the cities of Juda, the mountain cities, the portion of Ephraim, the portion of Manasses, frontiers of Manasses, the portion of Benjamin, the portion of Simeon, the portion of Zabulon, the portion of Issachar and Aser, the portion of Nephtali, the portion of Dan, the cities of refuge, cities of the Levites and priests, the lot of Gerson, Ruben Gad and Manasses return to their possessions, the meeting of the altar, the last admonition of Josue, Josue renews covenant with God, an exhortation to faith, death of Josue and Eleazar, political situation of Israel, Bethel conquered, an angel reproves Israel, Israel falls into idolatry, renewed infidelity, victory of Debbora and Barac, Sisara slain, canticle of Debbora and Barac, devotion of Jahel, Israel oppressed by the Madianites, an angel of the Lord and Gedeon, the call to arms, Gedeon with three hundred men defeats the Madianites, the strategy of Gedeon, Gedeon appeases the Ephraimites, new victories for Gedeon, Gedeon refuses the kingship, the rebellion of Abimelech, apology of Joatham, revolt of Sichem, Abimelech destroys Sichem, Thola and Jair judges, idolatry, penance, Jephte is made judge, treaties with Ammon, return of Jephte, Ephraimites quarrel with Jephte, Abesan Ahialon and Abdon, birth of Samson, a new apparition, Samson marries a Philistine woman, the riddle of Samson, the revenge of Samson, the jawbone, Samson deluded by Dalila, Dalila deludes Samson, the idol of Michas, men of Dan conquer Lais, the city of Dan, the Levite of Mount Ephraim, the infamous men, Israelites war against Benjamin, third consultation, tribe of Benjamin replenished, the daughters of Silo, Noemi and Ruth, the faithfulness of Ruth, Ruth gleans in the field of Booz, generosity of Booz, Noemi instigates the marriage of Ruth and Booz, Booz marries Ruth, birth of Samuel, vocation of Samuel, the canticle of Anna, wickedness of the sons of Heli, a prophecy, God calls Samuel four times, Samuel recounts the vision, the Philistines vanquish the Israelites, death of Heli, the Ark plagues the Philistines, the Ark returned to Israel, the Ark at Cariathiarim, Samuel's exhortation, Israel desires a king, Saul encounters Samuel, Saul is entertained, Saul is anointed, Saul is proclaimed king, Saul defeats the Ammonites, Samuel resigns his judgeship, war between Saul and the Philistines, Jonathan's miraculous victory, Jonathan violates Saul's oath, the people free Jonathan, Saul is sent to destroy Amalec, Saul is cast off, Samuel anoints David, an evil spirit troubles Saul, David and Goliath, David departs, David slays Goliath, the friendship of Jonathan and David, Saul plots against David, new attempts on David's life, the flight of David, covenant of Jonathan and David, David hides in the field, David at Nobe, David among the Moabites, David relieves Ceila, David in the desert of Ziph, Saul seeks David in Engaddi, David Nabal and Abigail, Abigail appeases David, Saul in David's power, Saul acknowledges David's innocence, David at Siceleg, Saul invokes a witch, David abandoned by Philistines, David pursues the Amalecites, death of Saul and his sons, David mourns for Saul and Jonathan, David anointed king of Juda, Abner makes Isboseth king, civil war, Abner's pact with David, Joab slays Abner, murder of Isboseth, David anointed king, the Ark in the house of Obededom, the Ark taken to Jerusalem, David proposes to build a temple, David's prayer, wars and victories of David, David's kindness to Miphiboseth, Ammonites and Syrians conquered, David commits adultery, murder of Urias, Nathan and David, David is forgiven, Amnon ravishes Thamar, Absalom kills Amnon, Absalom recalled to Jerusalem, Absalom foments rebellion, flight of David, Siba betrays Miphiboseth, Achitophel and Chusai, David crosses the Jordan, Joab slays Absalom and David mourns, David mourns for Absalom, David returns to Jerusalem, David pardons Semei and Miphiboseth, men of Israel and Juda quarrel, rebellion of Seba, Abela is besieged, three years famine for sin of Saul, David's psalm of thanksgiving, the justice of the Lord, last words of David, other valiant men, David orders a census of his people, Adonias seeks the throne, Nathan intervenes, Solomon anointed king, David instructs Solomon and dies, Joab and Semei slain, Solomon marries Pharao's daughter, judgment of Solomon, Solomon's chief officers, twelve governors, preparations for the construction of the Temple, the building of Solomon's Temple, Solomon's palaces, the sea or laver of bronze, golden vessels, the dedication of the Temple, prayer of Solomon, Solomon blesses people, the Lord appears again to Solomon, Queen of Saba visits Solomon, Solomon's riches and glory, Solomon falls into idolatry, death of Solomon, the reign of Roboam, Jeroboam's reign in Israel, birth of Josias foretold, chastisement for the disobedience of the prophet, Ahias and the son of Jeroboam, the end of Jeroboam's reign, reign of Abiam, reign of Asa, reign of Nadab and Baasa, Jehu prophesies against Baasa, reign of Amri and Achab, the great prophet Elias, he raises the widow's son to life, Elias comes before Achab, Elias repairs the altar, Elias pursued by Jezabel, a vision from God, the Syrians besiege Samaria, Syrians defeated, the vineyard of Naboth, Elias denounces Achab, Michens Achab and Josaphat, death of Achab, the reign of Ochozias, Elias foretells his death, the angel speaks to Elias, Elias taken up to Heaven, Eliseus separated from Elias, reign of Joram in Israel, Moabites defeated, miracles of Eliseus, the Sunamitess implores Eliseus, the dead child is raised to life, cure of Naaman the Syrian, other miracles of Eliseus, the great famine, prophecy of Eliseus, the Sunamitess returns, the reign of Joram, Ochozias succeeds Joram, reign of Jehu king of Israel, Jehu is healed at Jezrahel, the justice of Jehu, Joachaz succeeds Jehu, Athalia's userpation and tyranny, reign of Joas in Juda, Hazael and the death of Joas, reign of Joachaz, Joas king of Israel, death of Eliseus, reign of Amasias king of Juda, Azarius and Jeroboam kings of Juda, Azarias the king of Juda, Zacharias king of Israel, Sellum king of Israel, Manahem king of Israel, Phaceia king of Israel, Phacee king of Israel, Joatham king of Juda, Achaz profanes the Temple, Israel in captivity, reign of Osee, strangers come to Samaria, reign of Ezechias, the messengers of Sennacherib, Ezechias is assured of the help of God, the message of Isaias, Ezechias is stricken but prays and obtains longer life, Babylonian captivity predicted, reign of Manasses, reign of Amon, the saintly King Josias, the zeal of Josias, the Temple is cleansed, the Phase is commanded, the reign of Joachaz and Joakim, reign of Joakim Joachin and Sedecias, Jerusalem besieged and taken, the patriarchs, genealogy of Abraham, the twelve tribes of Israel, genealogy of the house of David, genealogies of Juda and of Simeon and their victories, genealogy of Simeon, victorious in war, genealogy of Ruben, genealogy of Gad, genealogy of Manasses, genealogy of Levi, genealogy of Aaron, genealogies of Issachar Benjamin Nephtali Manasses Ephraim and Aser, genealogies of Benjamin and Saul, the first dwellers of Jerusalem after the captivity, other groups of inhabitants, death of Saul and his sons, David is made king, the valiant men of David, the followers of David, the chiefs of the army, removal of the Ark, David's house and children, removal of the Ark to the City of David, singers and musicians, the Ark is placed in the Tabernacle, Asaph praises the Lord, a blessing to the Lord, God promises a son to David, David's victories, his chief officer, Hanon abuses David's ambassadors, other victories of David, David's vanity is punished, David appeases the wrath of God, David prepares materials for the Temple, distribution of Levites and their offices, the sons of Levi are numbered, the families to serve in the Temple, singers and musicians, porters of the Temple, treasurers of the Temple, captains for the service of the king, general rules for the kingdom, exhortation to Solomon, offerings of David and the princes, act of thanksgiving, Solomon on the throne of David, Solomon offers sacrifices at Gabaon, treaty with King Hiram, the plan and ornaments of the  Temple, further description of the Temple, the Ark brought into the Temple, Solomon's blessing and prayer, Solomon's offering, prayers for the people of Israel, heavenly fire consumes the sacrifices, other ceremonies, Solomon restores various cities, Queen of Saba in Jerusalem, riches of Solomon, ten tribes of Israel revolt, the reign of Roboam, King of Egypt invades Jerusalem, Abia's reign: his victory over Jeroboam, the strategy of the battle, reign of Asa: his religious zeal, prophecy of Azarias, his covenant with God, the King of Israel against Asa, glorious reign of Josaphat, pact between Josaphat and Achab, prophecy of Micheas, Josaphat's charge to the judges and Levites, Josaphat implores God's aid, God's answer, end of Josaphat's reign, Joram's wicked reign, reign and death of Ochozias, Joiada anoints Joas, reign of Joas perversion and punishment, reign of Amasias, war against the King of Israel, reign of Ozias, the vanity of Ozias, Joatham's good reign, wicked and unhappy reign of Achaz, Achaz appeals to the Assyrian King, Ezechias restores religion, expiatory sacrifices, Ezechias invites Israel and Juda to celebrate the Pasch, the People assemble for the Pasch, idolatry is abolished, the storehouses and overseers, Sennacherib invades Juda, Sennacherib sends a message, Ezechias recovers from sickness, apostasy of Manasses, his punishment and repentance, Josias destroys idolatry, the Book of the Law, a solemn covenant, celebration of the Pasch, the Phase is immolated, death of Josias, last kings of Juda, the decree of Cyrus, the number of refugees, those who knew not their origin, an altar for sacrifices, Samaritans hinder the building, the king's answer, building of Temple is resumed, King Darius confirms Cyrus' decree, Esdras in Jerusalem, decree of Artaxerxes, companions of Esdras, preparation for the fast, transgression of the people, prayer of Esdras, the discharge of strange women, the men who took strange wives, lamentation and prayer of Nehemias, Nehemias in Jerusalem, walls of Jerusalem rebuilt, names and order of the builders, opposition of their enemies, the rich oppress the poor, exemplary conduct of Nehemias, Nehemias and his enemies, the wall is finished, list of those coming from Babylon, the children of Israel, the priests and Levites, Esdras reads and explains the Law, the Feast of Tabernacles, the people do penance, ingratitude is deplored, ingratitude of the people, names of subscribers to the covenant, obligations imposed, inhabitants of Jerusalem and other cities, the Nathinites and the singers, priests and Levites who came with Zorobabel, dedication of the wall, many abuses are reformed, the revenues for the Levites, mixed marriages forbidden, the piety of Tobias, Tobias loses his sight, prayer of Tobias and Sara, Tobias counsels his son, the angel Raphael guides young Tobias, camp is set by the Tigris, Sara is offered in marriage, Tobias marries Sara, Tobias and Sara in prayer, Raphael recovers the money, the long absence of Tobias, Tobias restores his father's sight, Raphael makes himself known, the canticle of the elder Tobias, last days of Tobias and his son, Arphaxad and Nabuchodonosor, Holofernes prepares for war, many submit to Holofernes, Israel prepares to resist, Achior's account of Israel, the Israelites return to God, the indignation of Holofernes, the Israelites pray, the siege of Bethulia, the intervention of Judith, Judith inspires courage, the prayer of Judith, Judith appears before Holofernes, Judith's speech to Holofernes, Judith in the company of the Assyrians, Judith slays Holofernes, Judith returns to Bethulia, the Israelites assault the Assyrians, the Assyrians are routed, the canticle of Judith, the last days of Judith, the disgrace of Queen Vasthi, the sorrow of the king, Esther is advanced to be queen, the king chooses Esther, the decree against the Jews, the decree is promulgated, the sorrow of Mardochai, Esther before the king, Aman honors Mardochai, Esther petitions for her people, edict of extermination is revoked, the new edict, the Jews slay their enemies, the slaughter is continued, the prescriptions of Mardochai, Assuerus' greatness and Mardochai's dignity, the dream of Mardochai, Mardochai detects the conspiracy, a copy of Aman's letter, prayer of Mardochai, the prayer of Esther, Mardochai exhorts Esther, a copy of the king's letter, the deeds of Aman, Job's virtue and riches, Job's resignation, Job is stricken with ulcers, Job curses the day of his birth, Eliphaz accuses Job, the exhortation of Eliphaz, Job maintains his innocence, the lamentations of Job, Baldad accuses Job, the answer of Job, Job begs to be delivered, Sophar unjustly reproves Job, Job's answer to Sophar, Job persists in his innocence, the shortness of man's days, Eliphaz calumniates Job, Job expostulates with his friends, Job's hope in God, Baldad again reproves Job, the cruelty of Job's friends, Job's confidence in God, God does not punish the innocent, the lot of the wicked, death comes to all, Eliphaz imputes many crimes to Job, Job appeals to the judgment of God, the works of the wicked, no one is pure compared to God, the wisdom and power of God, Job again persists in his innocence, the treasures of the earth and true wisdom, Job describes his past happiness, Job deplores the fickleness of fortune, the days of affliction, Job's love of justice, horror for avarice and idolatry, Eliu is angry with Job, Eliu exhorts Job to hear his words, Eliu berates Job's innocence, Eliu accuses Job of blasphemy, the power and justice of God, good and evil cannot reach God, the justice and power of God, God is all powerful, the wonderful works of God, God enters into the dispute, power and providence of God, the behemoth and the leviathan, further description of the leviathan, Job is restored to greatness, the lot of the just and the wicked, Christ King of Sion and of the world, salvation is of the Lord, joy and peace in the Lord, a prayer for divine guidance, a prayer of a penitent sinner, David appeals for justice, God is wonderful in His works, an act of thanksgiving, a prayer for help against persecutors, the just man's confidence in God, divine protection against the wicked, a prayer in tribulation, our corruption before redemption, who shall dwell with God, Christ's triumph over the world and death, a just man's prayer in tribulation, a prayer of thanksgiving, the justice and mercy of God, the great bounty of God, the glory of God in His works and law, a prayer for help in war, a thanksgiving prayer for the king, the sufferings of Christ, the triumph of Christ, the Good Shepherd, Christ's triumphant ascension, a prayer for grace mercy and protection, David falsely accused calls upon God, David's faith and hope in God, a prayer for help in tribulation, the tempest proclaims the majesty of God, an act of thanksgiving, an act of hope, the Lord is blessed, the remission of sins, God's providence watches over all, the Lord redeems the just, David prays for help, David's enemies are ungrateful, man's wickedness: God's goodness, earthly happiness is shortlived, the providence of God, a prayer for remission of sins, peace and patience in suffering, the coming of Christ and the redemption of mankind, mercy and charity to all, a fervent desire for God, a prayer for strength and light, a lamentation of Israel, fidelity to God's covenant, the wedding song of Christ and His Bride the Church, God our Fortress and our Strength, the Universal Kingdom of Christ, God's glory is manifested in the liberation of Jerusalem, the paradox of the wealth of the wicked, Heaven and Hell, the true worship of God, internal holiness is necessary, an act of contrition, punishment for sins of the tongue, the depravity of men and their punishment, a prayer for help in distress, David's imprecations against his enemies, a prayer in danger and distress, the confidence of the persecuted David, a reproach for unscrupulous judges, David's imprecations against his enemies, David's confidence after defeat, the prayer to the King, God is our sole refuge, a firm desire for salvation, the judgment of God against persecutors, praise and gratitude for spiritual grace, an invitation to praise God, the propagation of the Church, the triumphant journey of the Ark from Egypt to Mt. Sion, God our Savior now and forever, Christ in His Passion, punishment for His persecutors, the praise of the whole world, a prayer for divine aid, a prayer for perseverance, comfort in old age, the Kingdom of Christ, Christ will rule the universe, a mystery: temporal happiness of the wicked, the profanation of the Temple, the omnipotence of God, confidence in the providence of God, a song of victory, confidence in God's mercy, confidence in God's power, God's great benefit, ingratitude of the Israelites, continued ingratitude of Israel, the Lord destroys His people, a lamentation for Jerusalem,  a prayer for conversion, a solemn hymn, the lot of unjust rulers, against the enemies of the Church, the soul longs for God's dwelling, our salvation is near, a prayer for God's grace, the glory of the Church of Christ, a prayer of one grievously afflicted, the pitiful state of the dead, God's promises to David, the great and merciful God, prophecy concerning David, destruction of the house of David, eternity of God and shortness of man's life, God the Protector of the just, God's wondrous works, the Lord the mighty King of the universe, judgment and punishment of the wicked, invitation to praise and serve God, God the King of the universe, glorious coming and reign of Christ, our Lord: Victor King Just Judge, the Lord the Holy King, God the Creator of all, resolutions of a model ruler, a prayer for one in affliction, the providence of God, praise of God's mercy, the praise of God the Creator, design and order in the world, the vastness of the ocean, God fulfills His promises to Abraham, the marvels wrought in Egypt, sins and punishment of an ungrateful people, the golden calf, the Israelites in Chanaan, thanksgiving for delivery from danger, the evils of the captivity, the manifold mercies of God, the providence of God, a prayer of praise and petition, an imprecation against unjust enemies, an appeal for God's mercy, the dignities of the Messias, the graces and favors of the Lord, the happiness of the just man, God is to be praised, the wonders wrought by God in the Exodus, pleas and expectation of the people, confidence in God, faith and gratitude, the God of all nations, an act of thanksgiving, Israel rejoices, praise for the Law of God, the observance of God's Law, prayer for grace to be faithful, prayer for help in trouble, grace to avoid sin, courage against persecution, the Law gives comfort, devotion to the Law of God, the lesson of affliction, the Law of God is just, desire for God's help, the perfections of God's Law, wisdom and happiness, God's Law is a sure guide, a sincere soul detests evil, a great love for God's Law, God's Law is wonderful, God's Law is just firm pure, God's Law is eternal, a refuge from persecution, God's Law gives joy love peace, a prayer for lasting help, against evil tongues, the Lord protects His people, the pilgrims greet the Holy City, faith in God's help, the Lord Our Savior, help against the wicked enemy, a prayer of thanksgiving, God the Source of all good, family joys of pious Israelites, Israel persecuted begs God's help, a prayer of a sinner, the virtue of humility, David's promise to the Lord and the Lord's promise to David, brotherly love and concord, an exhortation to praise God, the praises of God the Lord of all and the Benefactor of Israel, thanksgiving to God for His wondrous works, the prayer of the exile, an act of thanksgiving, God is everywhere, a prayer for deliverance, a prayer against temptation, a prayer in extremity of danger, a penitent's prayer, God's loving providence, the infinite majesty of God, trust only in God, thanksgiving for deliverance, Israel's thanksgiving, let Israel praise the Lord with mouth and sword, the Church is bound to praise God, the solemn concert of the praise of God, the use and end of the proverbs, an appeal to wisdom, the advantages of wisdom, the excellence of wisdom, duties to our neighbor, wisdom is to be guarded, unlawful lust and its occasion, suretyship idleness wickedness, the blessings of obedience, the cunning of a temptress, wisdom is its own reward, wisdom is from eternity, wisdom invites all to the feast, virtue and folly, the reward of righteousness, charity and justice, wisdom and foolishness, sins of the tongue, various judgments, the reward of the just man, wisdom and folly, prudence in all things, maxims for a happy life, the judgment of the Lord, divine wisdom and justice, the gift of prudent speech, the advantages of prudence, the just shall prevail, wisdom is the guide of life, wisdom the mother of all virtues, the fear of the Lord, many evils to be feared, the evil of sloth, the Lord governs all, divine charity and justice, rules governing social life, moderation in eating and drinking, evils of drunkenness, various precepts of wisdom, duties towards our neighbor, other parables of Solomon, moderation in all things, the foolish man, the slothful man, the talebearer, social and domestic life, impiety and religious integrity, public and private authority, the wise man's humility, various virtues and vices, chastity temperance and mercy, the praise of a good wife, the vanity of all temporal things, pleasure riches and worldly labors, the wise man and the fool, man depends on God's providence, all are subject to death, other instances of human miseries, laws concerning worship, the misery of the covetous man, various laws concerning wisdom, uncertainty concerning the future, submission to authority, man and the providence of God, wisdom folly ambition detraction, exhortation to do good works, fear God and keep the Commandments, union with Christ, mutual love and desire, Christ caresses His spouse, the spouse seeks Christ, the graces of His spouse, the graces of her Spouse, the spouse of Christ is but one, the graces of the Church the spouse of Christ, mutual love of Christ and His Church, the avoidance of sin, the vain reasoning of the wicked, the persecution of the just, the happiness of the just, the unhappiness of the wicked, the chaste and adulterous generations, the fruitless repentance of the wicked, the reward of the just, wisdom for kings and judges, wisdom is easily found, the excellence of wisdom, wisdom the daughter of God, further praises of wisdom, wisdom is a gift of God, Solomon's prayer for wisdom, the wisdom of the patriarchs, the wisdom of the people of God, the power and strength of wisdom, God's wisdom and mercy to Chanaanites, punishment for the wicked, idolaters are inexcusable, the effects of idolatry, the vanity of the world, the praises of the servants of God, God's dealings with the Egyptians, God's dealings with His own people, the Egyptian darkness, the slaughter of the firstborn, Aaron's intercession, God's favor to the Israelites, all wisdom is from God, the fear of the Lord, patience in enduring temptations, the honor of parents, humility in all things, works of mercy and love of wisdom, the sins of the tongue, perseverance in sin to be avoided, true and false friends, the fruits of wisdom, religious and moral duties, God's minister to be honored, other lessons of wisdom and virtue, women and dangerous conversations, virtues and vices of men in power, the great evil of pride, humility and moderation in all things, to whom must we do good, cautions in the choice of company, the evil of avarice, wisdom embraces those who fear God, God is not the author of sin, the justice and mercy of God, God's ways are unsearchable, creation and favor of God to man, an exhortation to turn to God, God's works are wonderful, precepts of good conduct, admonitions against different vices, prudence in all actions, discretion in the use of the tongue, different maxims, cautions against sin, the fool is not to be imitated, wise sayings on many subjects, fidelity with friends, a prayer for grace to flee sin, swearing and other vices, the nature of wisdom, the fruits of wisdom, rules of wisdom on several subjects, the wicked wife, good and wicked women, the occasions of sin, indiscretion destroys friendship, revenge and quarrels, the evils of the tongue, charity in lending money, of alms and of being surety, the education of children, the desire of riches, moderation in eating and drinking, lessons for superiors and inferiors, fear of God is the best security, the vanity of dreams, the fear of God, sacrifices pleasing to God, a prayer for the Church of God, choice of friends and counselors, physicians and medicines, mourning for the dead, the exercises of the wise man, the Lord is to be glorified, the beginning of human miseries, death is not to be feared, things we ought not to be ashamed of, the glorious works of God, the universe bespeaks God's wisdom, no praise is sufficient for God, the praise of the patriarchs, the praise of Moses Aaron and Phinees, the praise of Josue Caleb and Samuel, the praise of Nathan David and Solomon, the praise of Elias Eliseus Ezechias and Isaias, the praise of Josias Jeremias Ezechiel and the twelve prophets, the praise of Simon the high priest, the prayer of praise and thanksgiving, Isaias exhorts Juda to conversion, threats and promises, the refuge of all nations, idolatry shall be destroyed, Jerusalem in anarchy, Messianic promises, the parable of the vineyard, exhortations against sinners, the vocation of Isaias, liberation and punishment of Juda, incredulity of Achaz, the Lord's message to His people, the reign of the Prince of Peace, the Assyrians an instrument in the hand of God, a remnant of Israel converted, the future King of Peace, a canticle of thanksgiving, the desolation of Babylon, the restoration of Israel, a prophecy against the Moabites, a prayer for the coming of Christ, judgments upon Damascus and Samaria, judgment upon Ethiopia, the punishment of Egypt, Egyptians are called to the Church, Egypt and Ethiopia captured, a prophecy against Babylon, the devastation of Juda, the deposition of Sobna, a prophecy against Tyre, the last judgment, the destruction of the Earth, canticle in praise of justice, punishment gives birth to justice, resurrection after the punishment, the punishment of the Israelites, the wisdom of God's guidance, the capture and deliverance of Ariel, the blindness of its people, the Egyptian alliance, conversion blessings and trials, Egypt cannot be trusted, the reign of Christ, a plea to the rich women, Jerusalem delivered from the Assyrians, the reign of the Lord in Sion, the general judgment of the wicked, redemption and glorification, Sennacherib invades Juda, proclamation to the people, Ezechias consults Isaias, the message of Isaias, Ezechias is granted a longer life, Merodach Baladan sends ambassadors, Isaias comforts the people, the reign of the just one, the vanity of idols, the servant of God, the blindness of Israel, the Lord comforts His people, the folly of idolatry a prophecy of Cyrus, the conversion of the people, the idols of Babylon and the Lord, God's judgment upon Babylon, admonitions and new prophecies, Israel's liberation the servant of the Lord, the victim the servant of the Lord, an exhortation to trust in Christ, deliverance from exile, there is joy in redemption, a prophecy of the Passion of Christ, the Church of Christ is the New Jerusalem, all are invited to the Church of Christ, the House of God is for all, the infidelity of the Jews, works of mercy and godliness, the Lord will send a Redeemer, confusion is caused by sin, the glory of the true faith, the faith spread to all nations, the servant of the Lord: His works, salvation is certain, Christ's victory over his enemies, the prayer of the prophet, the Lord answers the prophet's prayer, a new order of things, formal worship is not enough, the call of the Gentiles, prophetical vision of Jeremias, ingratitude and infidelity of the Jews, insincerity and idolatry, pardon for the repentant sinner, an admonition to sincere repentance, the sorrow of the prophet, the judgments of God upon the Jews, Israel does not rebel, divine vengeance upon Jerusalem, disobedience brings punishment, good works and sincere conversion, other evils shall befall the Jews, sin is the cause of miseries, the women should mourn, the Creator alone to be feared, Jerusalem is resigned, the prophet proclaims the covenant, the conspiracy of the Jews, the wicked prosper for a short time, destruction of the Jews foretold, the proud will be humbled, a grievous famine, prayer: confession of sins, the Jews will be punished, the prophet's complaint, the prophet is forbidden to marry, release from captivity and Gentiles converted, obstinacy in sin holds the Jews captive, prayer of Jeremias, clay in the potter's hands, Israel conspires against Jeremias, the potter's vessel broken, the prophet is persecuted, Jeremias answers Sedecias, exhortation to the king and people, sentence against Joachaz, sentence against Jechonias, a Messias is promised, false prophets, the abuses of false prophets, the two baskets of figs, the seventy years' captivity, the judgment of all nations, priests accuse the prophet, the princes intervene, the symbolical chains, false prophecy of Hananias, the letters of Jeremias to the exiles, against false prophets, deliverance from captivity, homes and leaders restored, the restoration of Israel, Rachel shall cease mourning, the new covenant, Jeremias purchases a field, the Lord answers Jeremias, the restoration, the Lord confirms His promises, royalty and priesthood restored, the capture and fall of Sedecias, God's sentence, the obedience of the Rechabites, the Rechabites are rewarded, the book of prophecies burned, the new book, the Chaldeans will return, Jeremias is cast into a dungeon, Abdemelech frees Jeremias, the Chaldeans seize Sedecias, Jeremias is freed, Jeremias remains with Godolias, Godolias is warned of a plot, Godolias is slain, Jews set out for Egypt, Jeremias advises against the journey, the Lord will deliver them, the Jews ignore Jeremias, Jeremias warns against idolatry, the people's insolent answer, Jeremias foretells their destruction, the prophet comforts Baruch, a prophecy against Egypt, a second prophecy against Egypt, a prophecy against the Philistines, a prophecy against Moab, prosperity and pride, the proud shall be humbled, the desolation of Ammon, the desolation of the Edomites, the desolation of Damascus, the desolation of Elam, Babylon shall be delivered, Israel shall be delivered, Israel protected by the Lord of hosts, the miseries of Babylon, the kings of Media against Babylon, idolatry will be punished, the mission of Saraias, the reign of Sedecias, the spoils of the captured city, the number of the captives, Jeremias laments the ruin of Jerusalem, punishment for sin, the enemy prevails, the Lord Himself destroyed Jerusalem, fulfillment of threats, lamentation hope and solace, hope and resignation, confession of sins, the last days of the siege, the fifth lamentation, the book of Baruch sent to Jerusalem, the sin of disobedience, the sins of the people, the justice of God, a prayer for mercy, true wisdom forsaken, exhortation on the law of wisdom, patience and hope for deliverance, the return of the exiles, a warning against idolatry, the idols are not to be feared, idolatry is useless, the idols are powerless, conclusion, Ezechiel's vision, the vision of the wheels, the prophet receives his commission, the prophet eats the book, the office of a watchman, the siege of Jerusalem, the prophet's hair: prophetic symbol, punishment for Israel's idolatry, the final desolation of Israel, sorrow and disillusion, the prophet foresees idolatry, the mark of Thau, the vision further described, the glory of the Lord, punishment for the great ones, salvation for the captives, the abduction of Sedecias, the desolation of the people, punishment of false prophets, against false prophetesses, the evils of idolatry, a remnant shall be saved, Jerusalem the vine tree, Jerusalem the unfaithful wife, divine gifts abused, punishment for the adulteress, more evil than Sodom and Samaria, the two eagles and the vine, a Messianic prophecy, divine justice explained, judgment according to works, young lions and the wasted vine, wicked Israelites shall be purified, the children also are wicked, greater punishments, destruction of Jerusalem described, the sword of the king of Babylon, general corruption is described, the house of Israel is as dross, idolatry of Samaria and Jerusalem, punishment by the Chaldeans, the parable of the boiling pot, no sorrow for his wife's death, prophecies against Ammon Moab Edom and the Philistines, prophecy against Tyre, the glory and riches of Tyre, the great shipwreck, the king of Tyre to be slain, prophecy against Sidon, prophecy against Egypt, the desolation of Egypt, king of Babylon against Pharao, the allegory of the cedar tree, lamentation for the king of Egypt, he mourns those who are dead, God appoints a watchman, remaining impenitents to be punished, evil shepherds are reproved, there shall be one Shepherd, the judgment of Mount Seir, the restoration of Israel, restoration by God's special grace, the deliverance of Israel, Juda and Israel united, Israel's enemies destroyed, divine sorrow and punishment, God's judgments upon Gog, all shall recognize the hand of God, the new Temple, description of the outward court, description of the interior court, the Temple and all its parts, the Holy of Holies, the dimensions, the sacerdotal chambers, God's glory returns to the Temple, the dedication of the altar, the personnel of the sanctuary, duties of the sons of Sadoc, the division of the land by lot, ordinances for the prince, other ordinances for the prince, ordinances for the sacrifices, the healing waters, the portions of the twelve tribes, portions for the remaining tribes, Daniel and his companions, Daniel declares and interprets dreams, Daniel before the king, Daniel interprets the dream, the golden statue, Sidrach Misach and Abdenago, canticle of the three children, Nabuchodonosor's decree, Nabuchodonosor's dream, Daniel's explanation, Baltassar's banquet, Daniel before the king, princes and governors envy Daniel, Daniel in the lions' den, the four kingdoms, the Messianic kingdom, vision of the ram and the he-goat, the vision interpreted, the advent of Christ the Messias, Gabriel appears to Daniel, another vision of Daniel, war between Syria and Egypt, Antiochus a figure of Antichrist, Michael defender of God's people, Susanna and the two elders, accusation of adultery, declared innocent by Daniel, the history of Bel, the great serpent, marriage of fornication, sin punishment and restoration, marriage with an adulteress, God's judgment against Israel, Israelites seduced by idolatry, affliction begets the true faith, the total corruption of Israel, idolatry begets destruction, distress and captivity of Israel, captivity and restoration foretold, destruction not for all, sinners are urged to do penance, the just punishment, an exhortation to repentance, the land is laid waste by locusts, the day of the Lord is near, the judgment of all nations, judgment on the nations, Moab Juda and Israel, punishment certain and severe, the impiety of Israel rebuked, an exhortation to return to God, pride and luxury of Israel, the evils coming upon Israel, symbol of the fruit-hook, the Lord standing on the Altar, the lot of Edom and Israel, Jonas escapes by sea, Jonas in the belly of a fish, Jonas preaching in Ninive, the unfulfilled prophecy, the judgment of God, the injustices of the Israelites, the injustices of the princes, the restoration of the people, the ruler in Israel, the voice of the Lord, the voice of the people, the majesty of God, Ninive shall be destroyed, the miserable destruction of Ninive, vengeance by the Chaldeans, faith will conquer, the great day of the Lord is near, all sinners shall be judged, the conversion of the Gentiles, the building of the Temple, blessings to the builders, an exhortation to conversion, the man with a measuring line, Jesus the High Priest, the golden candlestick, two olive trees, the flying volume, the four chariots, the problem of fasting, joyful promises to Jerusalem, the coming of the Lord, salvation only from the Lord, the destruction of Jerusalem, God shall protect His Church, idols and false prophets destroyed, Jerusalem shall be saved. God reproaches the priests, God will accept a clean oblation, the priests shall be punished, the advent of the Messias, the day of judgment, beginning of Hellenism in Palestine, Antiochus profanes the Temple, the edict of Antiochus, zeal and success of Mathathias, Mathathias flees to the mountains, last days of Mathathias, Appolonius and Seron overthrown, Antiochus wishes to destroy the Jews. Judas prepares for war, Judas routs the king's army, Judas routs Lysias, Judas cleanses the Temple, the dedication of the Altar, war against the neighboring peoples, the fortress is besieged, Judas assaults Ephron, repentance and death of Antiochus, death of Eleazar, the king makes peace, the wicked Alcimus high priest, deceit of Alcimus and Bacchides, Nicanor is sent against Judas, Judas slays Nicanor, the Pax Romana, the league with the Romans, Judas fights against Bacchides, a thousand men slain, Jonathan and Simon in Bethbessen, Alexander Balas as king, Demetrius seeks the Jews' friendship, Jonathan is honored by the king, the army of Demetrius II, Ptolemy VI wages war, King Demetrius writes to Lasthenes, the Jews rescue Demetrius, the exploits of Jonathan, Jonathan renews the Roman League, Jonathan protects his people, Jonathan deceived and imprisoned, Tryphon's perfidy, Tryphon slays Jonathan, Gaza and Temple of Jerusalem taken, king of Persia captures Demetrius II, Simon prince and high priest, Antiochus honors Simon, Antiochus quarrels with Simon, sons of Simon defeat Antiochus, Ptolemy slays Simon and his sons, two letters of the Jews at Jerusalem, the hidden Ark during the captivity, preface of the author, an attempt to plunder the Temple, Heliodorus is struck by God, Onias is accused of treachery, Menelaus is made high priest, Jason's wickedness and end, Jerusalem taken and Temple plundered, Antiochus abolishes the Jewish law, Eleazar is martyred, mother and seven sons martyred, Judas Machabeus and his victories, the spoils are divided, the wretched end of Antiochus, Antiochus writes to the Jews, Judas purifies the Temple and city, Lysias is overthrown by Judas, the letter to Lysias, neighbors molest the Jews, sacrifices and prayers for the dead, Antiochus invades Judea, Menelaus is put to death, friendship of Nicanor and Judas, Nicanor and Judas become enemies, Judas' victory over Nicanor, the conclusion, genealogy of Jesus, the virgin birth, the Magi, the flight into Egypt, the innocents, the return to Nazareth, John the Baptist, the baptism of Jesus, the temptation, Jesus in Capharnaum, the first disciples called, mission of preaching and miracles, the Beatitudes, the disciples compared to salt and light, the old law and the new, against anger, chastity of mind and body, divorce, concerning oaths, the new law of Talion, the love of enemies, purity of intention, almsgiving, prayer, fasting, true riches, trust in God, avoiding judgments, power of prayer, the Golden Rule, obstacles to virtue, conclusion of the sermon, epilogue, a leper, the centurion's servant, Peter's mother-in-law, other miracles, sacrifice to follow Christ, the storm on the lake, expulsion of the devils in Gerasa, a paralytic at Capharnaum, the call of Matthew, the question of fasting, the ruler's daughter, the woman with a hemorrhage, two blind men, a dumb demoniac, the mission of the apostles, opposition foretold, the Baptist's deputation, Christ's witness concerning John, the impenitent towns, Jesus draws men gently to Himself, the disciples pluck grain on the Sabbath, a man with a withered hand, the mercy of Jesus, blasphemy of the Pharisees, the sign of Jonas, Jesus and His brethren, parable of the sower, the weeds, the mustard seed and the leaven, explanation of the parable of the weeds, the treasure and the pearl, parable of the net, conclusion, Jesus at Nazareth, death of the Baptist, Jesus feeds five thousand, Jesus walks on the water, other miracles, Jesus and the Pharisees, the Canaanite woman, Jesus heals the suffering, Jesus feeds four thousand, the Pharisees and Sadducees ask a sign, the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees, Peter's confession, passion and resurrection foretold, the doctrine of the Cross, Jesus transfigured, on the coming of Elias, a possessed boy, the second prediction of the passion, paying the Temple tax, against ambition, avoiding scandal, the lost sheep, fraternal correction, the power of united prayer, the unmerciful servant, the question of divorce, Jesus blesses the children, the danger of riches, parable of the laborers in the vineyard, the third prediction of the Passion, the mother of James and John, the blind men at Jericho, triumphal entry into Jerusalem, cleansing of the Temple, Jesus curses a fig tree, the authority of Jesus, parable of the two sons, parable of the vine-dressers, the marriage feast, tribute to Caesar, the Sadducees and the resurrection, the Great Commandment, the Son of David, hypocrisy of the Scribes and Pharisees, woe to the Scribes and Pharisees, destruction of Jerusalem and end of the world, destruction of Jerusalem, the signs of the last day, Jerusalem's impending destruction, the need of watchfulness, exhortation to vigilance, parable of the ten virgins, parable of the talents, the last judgment, the council, the anointing at Bethany, the betrayal, preparation, the betrayer, the Holy Eucharist, Peter's denials predicted, the agony in the garden, Jesus arrested, Jesus before the Sanhedrin, Peter's denial, the end of Judas, Jesus before Pilate, the scourging and crowning, the way of the Cross, the crucifixion, the death of Jesus, the burial, precautions of the chief priests, the women at the grave, the guards and the chief priests, commission of the apostles, John the Baptist, the baptism of Jesus, the temptation, in Galilee, the first disciples called, the cure of a demoniac, Peter's mother-in-law, other miracles, a leper, a paralytic at Capharnaum, the call of Levi, the question of fasting, the disciples pluck grain on the Sabbath, a man with a withered hand, the mercy of Jesus, the choice of the twelve, blasphemy of the Scribes, Jesus and His brethren, parable of the sower, purpose of this teaching, seed grows of itself, the mustard seed, the storm on the lake, expulsion of the devils in Gerasa, the daughter of Jairus, the woman with a hemorrhage, Jesus at Nazareth, the mission of the apostles, death of the Baptist, return of the disciples, Jesus feeds five thousand, Jesus walks on the water, other miracles, Jesus and the Pharisees, the Canaanite woman, healing of a deaf-mute, Jesus feed four thousand, the Pharisees ask a sign, the leaven of the Pharisees, a blind man at Bethsaida, Peter's confession, Passion and Resurrection foretold, the doctrine of the Cross, Jesus transfigured, on the coming of Elias, a possessed boy, the second prediction of the Passion, against ambition and envy, avoiding scandal, the question of divorce, Jesus blesses the children, the danger of riches, ambition of James and John, the blind Bartimeus, triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Jesus curses a fig tree, cleansing of the Temple, the authority of Jesus, parable of the vine-dressers, tribute to Caesar, the Sadducees and the resurrection, the Great Commandment, the Son of David, the widow's mite, destruction of Jerusalem and end of the world, destruction of Jerusalem, the signs of the last day, Jerusalem's impending destruction, the need of watchfulness, the council, the anointing at Bethany, the betrayal, preparation, the betrayer, the Holy Eucharist, Peter's denials predicted, the agony in the garden, Jesus arrested, Jesus before the Sanhedrin, Peter's denial, Jesus before Pilate, the scourging and crowning, the way of the Cross, the crucifixion, the death of Jesus, the burial, the women at the grave, apparitions of Jesus, commission of the apostles, annunciation of the Baptist, annunciation of the Savior, the visitation, birth of the Baptist, the birth of Jesus, the shepherds at the crib, circumcision and presentation, the child Jesus in the Temple, John the Baptist, the baptism of Jesus, genealogy of Jesus, the temptation, Jesus at Nazareth, the cure of a demoniac, Peter's mother-in-law, other miracles, the first disciples called, a leper, a paralytic at Capharnaum, the call of Levi, the question of fasting, the disciples pluck grain on the Sabbath, a man with a withered hand, the choice of the twelve, the Sermon on the Mount: the scene, the beatitudes and woes, the rules of charity, self-examination, conclusion of the sermon, the centurion's servant, the widow's son, the Baptist's deputation, Christ's witness concerning John, the stubborn children, the penitent woman, the ministering women, parable of the sower, purpose of this teaching, Jesus and His brethren, the storm on the lake, expulsion of the devils in Gerasa, the daughter of Jairus, the woman with a hemorrhage, the mission of the apostles, Jesus feeds five thousand, Peter's confession, Passion and Resurrection foretold, the doctrine of the cross, Jesus transfigured, a possessed boy, the second prediction of the Passion, against ambition and envy, the unfriendly Samaritans, sacrifice to follow Christ, the seventy-two disciples, the impenitent towns, return of the disciples, Jesus draws men gently to Himself, the Great Commandment, the good Samaritan, Martha and Mary, lessons on prayer, blasphemy of the Pharisees, the praise of Mary, the sign of Jonas, a lesson from a lamp, denunciation of the Pharisees, denunciation of the lawyers, the leaven of the Pharisees, encouragement in persecution, a warning against avarice, trust in God, the watchful servants, exhortation to vigilance, the necessity of struggle, time for reconciliation, the necessity of repentance, a barren fig tree, a stooped woman, the mustard seed, the leaven, the narrow gate, Jesus and Herod, a man with dropsy, the last seat, poor guests, parable of a great supper, following of Christ, the lost sheep, the lost coin, the prodigal son, the unjust steward, pretenses of the Pharisees, the rich man and Lazarus, avoiding scandal, forgiveness of injuries, efficacy of faith, the unprofitable servant, ten lepers, coming of the Kingdom of God, the godless judge, the Pharisee and the publican, Jesus blesses the children, the danger of riches, the third prediction of the Passion, a blind man at Jericho, Zacchaeus the publican, parable of the gold pieces, triumphal entry into Jerusalem, cleansing of the Temple, the authority of Jesus, parable of the vine-dressers, tribute to Caesar, the Sadducees and the resurrection, the Son of David, hypocrisy of the Scribes and Pharisees, the widow's mite, destruction of Jerusalem and end of the world, destruction of Jerusalem, the signs of the last day, Jerusalem's impending destruction, the need of watchfulness, the council and the betrayal, preparation, the Holy Eucharist, the betrayer, contention among the apostles, Peter's denials predicted, the agony in the garden, Jesus arrested, Peter's denial, Jesus before the Sanhedrin, Jesus before Pilate, Jesus before Herod, Jesus again before Pilate, the way of the Cross, the Crucifixion, the death of Jesus, the burial, the women at the grave, Emmaus, Jesus appears to the eleven, the last instructions of Jesus, the ascension of Jesus, the Word in Himself, the Word's mission, the Word incarnate, the witness of John the Baptist, the first disciples, the marriage feast at Cana, cleansing of the Temple, Nicodemus, the witness of John the Baptist, the Samaritan woman, the official's son, the cure at the Pool of Bethsaida, Christ's claim to divinity, justification of Christ's claims, Jesus feeds five thousand, Jesus walks on the water, the discourse on the Eucharist, Jesus goes secretly to the Feast of Tabernacles, the source of Christ's teachings, Christ's origin, the adulteress, the light of the world, the Son of God, the children of Abraham, Christ and Abraham, the man born blind, the Good Shepherd, at the Feast of the Dedication, Jesus in Perea, the raising of Lazarus, the council, Jesus in Ephrem, the anointing at Bethany, triumphal entry into Jerusalem, last words of Jesus to the people, incredulity, the washing of the feet, the betrayer, the new commandment, Peter's denials predicted, a word of comfort, union with Christ, the world's hatred, persecution predicted, the role of the Advocate, Christ's priestly prayer for unity, Jesus arrested, Peter's denial, Jesus before Pilate, the scourging and crowning, the crucifixion, the death of Jesus, the burial, Mary Magdalene, the disciples, Thomas, the Evangelist's epilogue, the manifestation in Galilee, the primacy of Peter, second epilogue, the ascension, Matthias chosen, descent of the Holy Spirit, Peter's discourse, the result, fervor of the early Church, a lame beggar, Peter's discourse, arrest and release of Peter and John, thanksgiving, manner of life of Christians, Ananias and Sapphira, miracles, arrest of the apostles, the deacons, Stephen's discourse: the patriarchs, Joseph, Moses, the Temple, conclusion, Stephen's martyrdom, persecution, Samaria, an Ethiopian, the vision of Saul, Saul's baptism, Saul's zeal, Peter visits the churches, Cornelius: the visions, Peter meets Cornelius, Peter's discourse, the baptism, explanation at Jerusalem, the converts at Antioch, Peter in prison, his deliverance, Herod punished, Antioch, Cyprus, Antioch in Pisidia, Paul's discourse, Iconium, Lystra, Derbe, the return, dissension at Antioch, Peter's decision, advice from James, the decision, Paul and Barnabus separate, Timothy, departure for Macedonia, preaching at Philippi, a possessed girl, arrest of Paul and Silas, freedom, Thessalonica, Beroea, Athens, Paul's discourse, Corinth, Gallio, return to Antioch, return to Ephesus, Macedonia and Greece, Troas, discourse at Miletus, Tyre, Ptolemais and Caesarea, Jerusalem, Paul's arrest, discourse to the people, Paul's citizenship, the Sanhedrin, a conspiracy, to Caesarea, the accusation, the defense, the prisoner, Festus, Agrippa, Paul's discourse, the result, departure for Rome, a storm, shipwreck, Malta, to Rome, at Rome, greeting, commendation and desire to visit them, why he wishes to visit them, theme of the epistle, the pagans adore idols, punishment of idolaters, all will be rewarded or punished, Gentiles to be judged by the natural law, the Jews transgress the Law, true circumcision, objections answered, the Scriptures attest universal sin, this concerns the Jews, justice comes through faith in Christ, justification excludes boasting, Abraham justified by faith, justified before circumcision, not justified by the works of the Law, the strength of his faith, the model of our faith, Christ's death assures us hope and peace, Christ's death assures our salvation, in Adam all have sinned, grace and life superabound through Christ, purpose of the Law, Christians dead to sin, the reign of sin, slavery to sin, Christians freed from the Law, the Law the occasion of sin, sin the cause of death, deliverance due to the grace of God, the faithful need fear no condemnation, the flesh and the spirit, a solemn warning, the faithful sons of God, yearning of all creation, yearning of human beings, the Holy Spirit aids us, God's designs, unshakable hope in God, indomitable love of Christ, Paul grieves for the Jews, God's election depends on his free choice, God is not unjust, His power and glory, witness of the Old Testament, Jews' refusal to believe, ignorance of the justice of God, this justice comes through faith, refusal to believe the Gospel, a remnant of the Jews will be saved, witness of the Scriptures, Israel's fall the Gentiles' salvation, the Gentiles must be humble, Israel can yet be saved, Israel's final conversion, ultimate triumph of God's mercy, God's ways unsearchable, conclusion of the foregoing, humility and concord, fraternal charity, obedience, charity a social duty, the spirit of Christ, mutual forbearance, charity and peace, self-denial and patience, mercy, apostle of the Gentiles, St. Paul's plans, request for prayers, commendation of Phoebe, greetings to individuals, warning to troublemakers, greetings from Corinth, doxology, greeting, the gifts of God, nature of the division, salvation not by wisdom of words, their case an example, Paul's method of preaching, true wisdom, they cannot receive full doctrine, the office of God's ministers, their responsibility and reward, pride not to be taken in man, ministers of Gospel judged by Christ, Corinthians contrasted with apostles, action to be taken, punishment by excommunication, public litigation, sacredness of the body, advice to the married, advice to the unmarried, obligation of the believing spouse, no change to be sought, the state of virginity, duty of father to virgin daughter, widows, general principles, practical rules, his claim of rights, reason for not using rights, Paul is all to all, he makes sure his reward, warning from Old Testament, application, the table of the Lord, practical directions, give no offense, rules for men and women, an abuse, institution of the Eucharist, a principle of discrimination, Christ's mystical body, its excellence, contrast with other gifts, superiority of prophecy, tongues require interpretation, functions of these gifts, practical directions, order necessary, Christ's resurrection, the false doctrine, Christ the first-fruits, practical faith, the mode of the resurrection, the natural and the spiritual body, final glory of the body, the collection, St. Paul's plans, final directions and greetings, greeting, comfort in trouble, persecution and deliverance, his sincerity, he is not fickle, his wish to spare them, he pardons the offender, thanksgiving for good news, they are his commendation, excellence of the new law, the veil is taken away, frailty and support, reward after death, his labor for God and souls, ambassadors of Christ, avoid marriage with unbelievers, love for the Corinthians, their repentance, example of the Macedonians, exhortation, the mission of Titus, the collection to be made promptly, exhortation to generosity, his authority, he preached gratuitously, his ministry of labor and suffering, his revelations, his infirmities, he has been forced to boast, his third visit, warnings, farewell, greeting, surprise and rebuke, not of human origin, approved by the apostles, Paul reproves Peter, proved from the Galatians' experience, the example of Abraham, the nature of the Law, the promise of God, the purpose of the Law, slavery and freedom, no return to slavery, Ismael and Isaac, circumcision now voidance of Christ, judgment on seducers, how Christians should live, fraternal correction, good works, summary, greeting, the eternal plan of the Father, realized in the Son, fulfilled through the Holy Spirit, thanksgiving and prayer, all brought into Christ's life, Gentile and Jew united, Paul instructed, assigned to preach to the Gentiles, unity in the Mystical Body, diversity of graces, change of self, vices to be avoided, the wife and the husband, children parents slaves and masters, the armor of God, assiduous prayer, conclusion, greeting, thanksgiving and prayer, propagation of the Gospel, sentiments of St. Paul, firmness, unity and humility, fear and joy in serving, Timothy, Epaphroditus, the Christian spirit, renunciation for the sake of Christ,  followers and opponents of the cross, concord, peace and joy in the Lord, their gift, farewell, greeting, thanksgiving, prayer for their progress, God Creator Head, conciliator, center of preaching, a general admonition, speculative errors, erroneous practices, mystical death and resurrection, renounce vices, practise virtues, the Christian family, slaves and masters, prayer and prudence, Tychicus and Onesimus, from Paul's co-workers, a message for the Laodiceans, greeting, thanksgiving for their faith, his mission among them, thanksgiving for their constancy, the mission of Timothy, exhortation to chastity and charity, witnessed by the dead, time unknown, be always prepared, obedience patience and charity, final blessing and greeting, greeting, their faith and constancy, prayer for their glorification, preludes to the second coming, thanksgiving for their election, request for mutual prayer, against idleness, final blessing and greeting, greeting, Timothy's mission at Ephesus, role of the Law, the apostle's own life, fidelity to vocation, directions on prayer, women in public assemblies, qualities of a bishop, qualities of a deacon, pillar and mainstay of the truth, lying teachers, piety and false asceticism, zeal in his office, different classes, widows, presbyters, slaves, lying teachers, final plea, the rich, exhortation and greeting, greeting, thanksgiving and prayer, Paul's example, loyalty and defections, devotion to his office, the thought of Christ, false teachers, the faithful servant, against new teachers, Paul's example and doctrine, preach sound doctrine, reward, Paul's loneliness, his trial, greetings, greeting, Titus' mission, special needs in Crete, different classes, changed life, good works and truth, closing messages, greeting, address and greeting, Philemon's faith and charity, plea for Onesimus, hopes greetings blessings, Christ superior to the angels, warning and exhortation, Christ suffered for His brethren, Christ superior to Moses, exhortation, our promised land, confidence in Christ, Christ the High Priest, importance of the doctrine, an appeal for progress, danger of apostasy, expectation of better things, certainty of God's promise, Melchisedech more than Abraham, Melchisedech more than Levi, Levitical priesthood imperfect, superseded by priesthood of Christ, a Priest by divine oath, sinless and perfect, Christ in the heavenly sanctuary, Mediator of a superior covenant, the earthly sanctuary, a type of the heavenly sanctuary, Christ the High Priest and Victim, redemption through Christ, the blood of victims, the blood of Christ, one sacrifice supplants many, its eternal efficacy, first motive: the Judgment, guilt of apostasy, second motive: trials well borne, third motive: Old Testament examples, Abel, Henoch, Noe, Abraham, Sara, the heavenly country, Abraham's trial, Isaac Jacob Joseph, Amram and Jochabed, Moses, the Israelites, Rahab, more heroes of faith, imperfection of their state, constancy, peace and holiness, Sinai and the New Sion, brotherly love and purity, God will never fail you, loyalty to Christ and superiors, request for prayer, blessing, greetings, greeting, wisdom in trials, sources of evil and good, hearers and doers of the word of God, impartiality, practical faith, abuses of the tongue, true wisdom, sources of discord, presumption, the unjust rich, patience in affliction, last anointing, confession and prayer, conversion of a sinner, greeting, thanksgiving, filial obedience and fear, brotherly love, growth in holiness, good example, for the citizen, for the slave, for the wife and the husband, in Christian charity, in Christian suffering, in Christian faithfulness, mutual charity, blessings of persecution, for the ministry, counsels to the laity, farewell, greeting, life of a Christian, necessity of virtue, sovereignty of Christ, punishment of lying teachers, warning from the past, the vices of heresy, the second coming, exhortation, doxology, the witness to the Word of Life, walk in light, observe the Commandments especially charity, reasons for writing, against false teachers, children of God, children of the devil, true charity, a good conscience, true and false spirits, love unites us with God, the basis of love, witnesses to Christ, confidence in prayer, conclusion, greeting, brotherly love, against false teachers, conclusion, salutation, conclusion, purpose of address, divine judgments, evil life of heretics, judgment of heretics, perseverance and charity, conclusion, the book: its source and contents, greetings, Christ's coming, John told to write his visions, to the Church at Ephesus, to the Church at Smyrna, to the Church at Pergamum, to the Church at Thyatira, to the Church at Sardis, to the Church at Philadelphia, to the Church at Laodicea, the court of Heaven, the scroll and the Lamb, the three songs of praise, war, strife, famine, pestilence, the martyrs, signs on Earth and in Heaven, sealing of the spiritual Israel, blessedness of the sealed, the seventh seal, seven angels with trumpets, the first four trumpets, the three woes, the fifth trumpet, the sixth trumpet, the angel with the little scroll, the measuring of the temple, the two witnesses, the seventh trumpet, the woman and the dragon, Michael overcomes the dragon, the song of triumph, the dragon and the woman, the beast of the sea, the beast of the earth, the lamb and the virgins, the three angels, blessedness of the saints, vision of the judgment, the angels and the plagues, the sea of glass, the angels and the bowls, the first three bowls, the second three bowls, the unclean spirits, the seventh bowl, the woman on the scarlet beast, the angel's explanation, the fall of Babylon, her sins and punishment, dirge of the kings, dirge of the merchants, dirge of the mariners, the angel's promise, the angelic song, the song of triumph, the divine warrior, King of kings and Lord of lords, defeat of the beast and the false prophet, Satan chained, reign of the saints, Satan loosed, the Last Judgment, New Heaven and New Earth, the promise, the Heavenly Jerusalem, God and the Lamb give it light, the river and tree of life, the throne of God and of the Lamb, confirmation, words of Christ, or the final attestation.  So read the Bible.

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