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Monday, February 18, 2008


My Dad died in 1978, only six weeks before our first child was born, so none of our six children had the privilege of knowing him in person. A week after he died, the following was printed in the bulletin of the United Methodist Church, Puget Sound District:


"When Clarence Lund died last week we lost a man who had spent a large part of his ministry serving churches in the Puget Sound District. Even in his retirement he took on yet another one as a part-time associate to Sherman Snow at Stanwood. Because of his many years of devoted service in this District, and his recent association with the Stanwood church, we've asked Sherman Snow to say a word about him. The following is Sherm's fine response to that request:

"'Three and a half years of knowing Clarence Lund and working with him leaves many fond memories, but more than that it leaves memories worth a lifetime of pondering and meditation upon. He was a unique kind of man.

"'He was a humble man who went about spreading love and joy. No person of any sensitivity could be in his presence without feeling closer to God. I never heard him criticize any person. This seemed to come from deep within his character. Surely he was aware of weakness and evil in people, but he was able to see the good with such clarity that to him nothing else seemed worthy of mention.

"'In a way Clarence was difficult to work with. The ways of the world with its standards, measures, rewards and punishments meant absolutely nothing to him. He truly marched to a different drummer. His attention was on Christ with an intensity unparalleled in any person I have ever known.

"'I think Clarence had the quality of greatness, but who am I to judge? If he was a great man it can only be recognized in the environment in which he now finds himself. All I know for sure is that I'm going to miss that man, and I wouldn't trade anything in the world for having known him.'"

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