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Sunday, February 26, 2012


My Dad would often fall asleep in his recliner in the living room, and sometimes he'd snore. One day, when we lived in Sultan, I couldn't resist. While he was asleep with his mouth open, I squirted lemon juice into it. I jumped back as Dad jumped up making all sorts of pained and sour expressions, and as I laughed halfway across the room, Dad in his lost-temper fury said the worst thing he's ever said about me in my hearing:  "Jiminy Cricket that kid!"

I sure wish I could have the emotional wherewithal to behave as well as Dad did. Every time I go to confession, I have to repeat my regret for cussing when I lose my temper, even in front of our children. If only I could follow the example of Dad, whose worst cussing was "Jiminy Cricket"!

I keep hoping that when I get older, I'll grow up. But here's a picture of Dad in his recliner at about the time this event happened. He looks to me to be an older, mature man, while I still feel like the kid with the lemon juice; and I was surprised to realize that I'm older now than he was then! So much for growing up, but I'm still young enough to hope.

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  1. He looks like a great father, and did not deserve a brat kid like you! Don't you wish you could have him back for just one more, "I'm sorry Dad for every thing I did to you but love you....I sure wish I could!
    Milt Keller
    San Diego

  2. Great story telling of this classic and true family moment! Reminds me of Dennis the Menace and his dad. Your father was the most loving man I personally knew. I remember when he was on his deathbed and confirmed that he never worried about you finding your way (and could be at peace about that before he died)because you always studied and would never give up till you found the right answer. He shared the hope you have!