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Saturday, October 13, 2012


It's not common for a person to have the privilege of visiting both Heaven and Hell. We know of Dante's story, and the visions of some Saints, but here I'll tell you of Charlie, the man I know who was so confused in this life that his Guardian Angel offered to take him on this unique journey.

It was when Charlie passed a homeless man on the street and refused him a quarter. His Angel saw this, and so appeared to Charlie that night and said, "Come with me." Charlie was frightened, thinking this must be the Angel of Death, but his Guardian Angel said again, "Come with me," and added, "Do not fear; there are things you need to see." Of course Charlie obeyed.

First the Angel took Charlie below, to Hell, and there Charlie saw a huge banquet table covered with the finest of foods. Charlie licked his lips just gazing at the prepared feast, but then noticed the many people sitting around the table. They were starving! Their bodies were thin, their faces wan, eyes dark, and they suffered to see the abundance of fine food and not be able to eat it. This was because they were required to eat with forks that were three feet long, and when holding their forks they couldn't reach their mouths with the other end. And so they suffered.

Then the Angel took Charlie up to Heaven. There, too, was a similar banquet table covered with the finest of foods.  But the many people sitting there were well-fed and happy, laughing and filled with joy as they talked about the eternal blessings of the Lord. But Charlie noticed that they, too, had forks that were three feet long. "How is it," Charlie asked his Angel, "that when everyone must use these long forks to eat, that the people in Hell are starving, while those here in Heaven are full and happy?"

The Angel put his hands on Charlie's shoulders and gently whispered into his ear, "Here they feed each other."

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  1. A Nice way to explain why things function better when people care about people. Good way to teach this.