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Thursday, January 17, 2013


My Mom, born in 1909, told me that when she was a girl she had a hoop, and a stick that was like a "T" at the end, and using only the stick she used to keep the hoop rolling. That's all she said about it, but it stuck in my mind. Now, at 63, after a bout of bronchitis and the flu, with a chest X-ray telling me I'm not getting enough air in one lung, I came upon a company online called Toys From Times Past. Among their "Action Toys" they have a Hoop 'n Stick! Without hesitation I placed my $35 order and it arrived today. I was afraid this 26" hoop would be too small, but it's perfect, and both hoop and stick are made of wood and the quality is excellent, well worth the price.

Since I retired I've been doing nothing but gaining weight. Exercise is just plain boring. Heck, I'm tired; I've been breathing all day! But because I miss my Mom, and because I'm old-fashioned, "old-school," I figured this hoop and stick would be just the motivation I need to go out and exercise. Concentrating on keeping the hoop up and rolling would distract me from the fact that I'm running, walking and jogging beside and behind it. But would it work?

I've been sick for two months, with slightly impaired breathing for longer, and so have been resting, taking medicine and even had two shots. Meanwhile I feel the congestion in my lung(s) and the crud inside just seems to sit there, threatening pneumonia. Well, of course when my hoop and stick arrived, I had to try it. I went out and joyfully rolled the hoop around the yard and beyond for just a few minutes, doing all sorts of rapid contortions around the thing as it rolled. My family had fun watching and said I looked like a boy out there. When I came back in, I was breathing hard. But rather than its hurting me, I felt happy and good, and proceeded to hack up three globs of mucus. This miracle toy is clearing out my lung(s)! All this while thinking I needed rest, I really need exercise! And now, I am a hoop rolling fanatic!

Hoop Rolling has been around since ancient times, both as a toy and in races. But I thank my Mother in telling me about her childhood pastime. Although she passed away in 1996, she is still helping to care for her son when he is sick. I can't wait until tomorrow, when I'll roll my new hoop better and further!

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